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Love water? Into aquaphilia?

Some people love the water; they love being in it, around it and under it. Swimming and other water-based activities are accessible and enjoyable, but getting a sexual thrill from them could be an indication of an aquaphilia fetish. Enjoying the water, seeing others in water or holding breath under water as well as sexual activity in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, baths or even the sea means this fetish has a broad appeal. Ocean deep, even! It's a fascinating fetish to dive into but always remember the RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) rules.

What is aquaphilia?

Aquaphilia means 'water love' and this fetish is all about sexual arousal from being in the water and quite often under the water. It can be that a person enjoys watching others under water, holding their breath or enjoy doing it themselves. It can stretch to enjoying watching people swim or play in the water too as well as sexual and kink actions in water. The main element though is always water.

I don't like being in water but enjoy others under water, is this aquaphilia?

If the idea of someone submerged in water sexually arouses you, then it counts as aquaphilia. Everyone relates to their kinks individually, and this connects voyeurism with the fetish for water.

Is aquaphilia safe?

Aquaphilia has its inherent risks, especially if you're putting your head under the water for any length of time. It's a case of needing to follow RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) rules at all times. Ensure you know all the risks and what to do in an emergency. It could be that you need a spotter, someone not involved in the scene to watch and make sure everything is okay. You may also need a visible safe action to ensure that play stops if anyone is distressed under the water.

Is it okay to be into aquaphilia?

Yes, it is. is especially fond of all fetishes. If you are having kinky, sexy fun with your aquaphilia, then keep at it. If you're ever worried about your fetish, or you feel it's out of control or not fun any more, then you should consult a medical professional.

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