Robot Fetishism

Does robot fetishism get your cogs turning?

Robot fetishism, ASFR and technosexuality

As technology advances, robots become more and more useful and in some cases, life-like. There's a powerful attraction in the idea of having a life-like robot who will do anything you tell them to, taking control to its fantastical edge. Letting your imagination run wild, you can have lots of kinky fun with robot fetishism from cosplay to cog play you can tinker with your human robot partner and change them into just the obliging sex bot you desire. Attachments included! No matter if you want to be a robot or a robot owner, you'll find others into your fetish here at

What does robot fetishism mean?

Robot fetishism is an attraction to human-like and non-humanoid robots. It extends further than that though, into humans pretending to be robots by using cosplay and roleplay as truly humanoid robots don't exist for sexual purposes at this time in history.

Is it OK to be into robot fetishism?

Yes, definitely! There is a question of consent within robot role play, but as long as you talk to your partner/s about their limits and the scene before you play and have your safeword ready, then it's OK to enjoy the control of your robot. However, it's not OK to use robot fetishism to perpetuate sexist ideals, though. There is a difference between wanting to enjoy the ultimate control of commanding a robot and translating that to gender. If you're worried about your fetish in any way, you should speak to a medical professional about it.

How can I incorporate robot fetishism into BDSM play?

The control of a robot is like bondage but without the ropes. You can order your robot into certain positions and have them hold it for your pleasure. Maybe you can discover if your robot is advanced enough to feel pain, an exciting experiment where you can use all kinds of implements and see if you can make your robot yelp. Use your imagination, and you'll find lots of crossovers or ask other kinksters in our forum.

Could I live out my robot fetishism fantasy in real life?

At the moment, the sophisticated robots needed for robot fetishism don't exist, but who knows what the future will bring? Meanwhile, realistic sex dolls or willing human partners will be able to fill the gap.

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