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We're very aware of accents; they surround us. From those we recognise from other counties and states to those we know are from different countries entirely. Everyone has their favourites and those they can't stand, but some people don't just love accents, they lust after them too. Accent fetish is all about aural pleasure, who knew your ears were such an erogenous zone! Your voice can be such a turn on in itself and who doesn't enjoy a little dirty talk? It's all the better if you have an accent fetish, let your words enhance your kinky experiences.

Do you have an accent fetish?

A fetish is something you get turned on by, separate from the person as a whole. So if you find yourself turned on by a person's voice, because of the way they speak specifically, then you might have an accent fetish. It's not the same as enjoying a particular accent. Everyone has accents they love to hear.

Is it the accent or the person who turns you on?

This is the key to accent fetish. If it's the tone of voice combined with the dialect (the specific words used) that turns you on then it could be that you have a fetish for accent. Especially if you continually seek out people with that particular accent.

Is it normal to have an accent fetish?

It is common for people to have preferences for certain accents; having a fetish is an extension of that. It isn't that common, but it is perfectly okay to be attracted to an accent. However, always remember that the accent is only a part of the person and be sure to keep your fetish appreciation consensual. If a big part of why you're with someone is their accent, let them know. This way you both get to enjoy the fetish to it's full.

I like one particular accent, is that an accent fetish?

It could be if you're consistently turned on by hearing that particular accent. Otherwise, it might just be that you have an accent you enjoy hearing over others.

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