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Everything you need to know about xenophilia

Xenophilia, as you might expect, is the exact opposite of xenophobia. Instead of being anti anything or anyone foreign, someone who is into xenophilia really, really loves the people and culture of countries other than their own.

The word is made up of two greek words. ‘xenos’ which means stranger, unknown, foreign and ‘philia’ which means love or attraction but it’s not a term that appears in classic greek, it’s a modern creation.

Often partnered with cultural cringe - which is when you’re being embarrassed about your own culture and people - this fetish really loves the exotic, the foreign and the unknown and that can include actual aliens – out of this world!

What is xenophilia?

It is a fetish for all things foreign and unknown. This can be a preference for partners from different countries and cultures to your own but can also stretch to the love of all things alien, not of this world at all. Xenophilia is a very broad term indeed.

I'm into xenophilia, is this ok?

We all have our preferences when it comes to who we find attractive and preferring people of different, exotic cultures is fine. Even if your preferences lean towards the out of this world as long as you’re happy it’s all great. It’s always important to remember that people are more than what you find attractive. A fetish is a great thing to have but make sure you treat everyone in a way you would want to be treated, fetishizing people is not okay but sharing your fetish with someone is a wonderful thing indeed! If you’re at all worried about the way your fetish is effecting you then you should consult a medical professional.

I find aliens attractive, is this xenophilia or something else?

Technically this is classed as xenophilia but it depends how you identify. If you feel this fetish explains what you like then it’s what works for you. Xenophilia covers everything that counts as a different culture to your own.

Does my xenophilia mean I hate my country?

Not at all, a phenomenon known as ‘Cultural cringe’ can be a contributing factor but just because you find people from other cultures and countries really attractive doesn’t mean you hate your own.

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