Ever felt hot for a clown?

Roll up, roll up and share your coulrophilia tales

Coulrophilia, also known as clown fetish, is the complete opposite of many people's phobia for all kinds of clowns, scary or not. There are many aspects to coulrophilia, but a lot of it centres on dressing up as a clown. People have their styles but often draw on classic clown inspiration from movies, TV and more. Clown costumes can be funny, sexy or scary; it all depends what the clown inside wants. Clowning around can involve tickling, cream pie throwing, balloon modelling and other activities designed to make people laugh and feel silly. Clowning around is bound to put a smile on your face!

What is coulrophilia?

A person who is attracted to someone dressed up as a clown or gets sexual pleasure from dressing up as a clown is defined at coulrophilia. It doesn't always have to be a full costume; it may just be face paint or a particular item of clown clothing. It might be merely acting like a clown would. If anything clown related turns you on, you're into coulrophilia.

What's it like to have clown sex?

It's clowning around, literally. Clown sex is silly and fun; it's messy and tickles more than just your funny bone. It's sex where silliness is encouraged and enjoyed, breaking down barriers and fears about everything having to be serious and perfect.

Is it OK to be into coulrophilia?

Fetishes are fun, so yes, it's OK to have a clown fetish. If you have any worries or concerns about your coulrophilia, if you feel it's getting out of control in any way, then you should consult a medical professional. As long as your coulrophilia is fun and consensual though, it's OK to enjoy it to it's full.

My partner is into coulrophilia, what should I do?

Communication is critical in any relationship. Talk to your partner about their fetish. It might be that you want to join in with it in some way you both can agree on or it might be you don't want to try it at all. It's perfectly OK, whatever you decide, keep talking openly and honestly. It might be uncomfortable at first, especially if you don't understand your partner's coulrophilia, but talking about it will make it easier to deal with for both of you.

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