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Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about adult cosplay

Everybody has heard of cosplay, it’s dressing up but with a particular film, video game, book or comic character in mind. It’s something many think of as quite vanilla, but it can be kinky too! It’s all about context. The BDSM and kink community are very welcoming and there is lots of crossover with other alternative lifestyles including goths, gamers and, of course, geeks. It’s a welcoming world where you can wear your cosplay and get sexy with it. Often cosplay fetish goes hand-in-hand with other clothing fetishes such as latex or leather but often it’s more about the opportunity to roleplay. Who doesn’t want to be a hero or a villain sometimes?

What is cosplay?

Cosplay comes from combining the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’ and originated in Japan. It is now used worldwide to refer to people dressing up as characters from movies, comics, books and video games.

Is adult cosplay a fetish?

Not always. It depends on many factors, but mostly it’s about how the person wearing it feels. Adult cosplay can just be for fun, showing you’re part of a fandom or even to show off your costume making skills. Cosplay is a fetish, too and you’re more likely to see this at kink and BDSM friendly events. But, don’t assume everyone wearing it has a fetish. It’s always best to ask.

Is it okay to touch someone in cosplay?

No, is the simple answer. Just as it’s not okay to touch any stranger without asking for permission first. This is all about consent. Don’t forget your boundaries just because someone is dressed up as your favourite anime character, for example. Always ask for permission to touch someone before doing so. You might get an enthusiastic yes, then go for it. Make sure you keep your touches appropriate. If you want to play with the person, make sure you negotiate this up front. If you're told no, accept this politely and move on. A person in cosplay doesn’t owe you anything, no matter how much you might love the character they are dressed up as.

Where can you buy adult cosplay?

You can buy many cosplay items online. Many kink retailers stock items that can be used for creating superhero and other cosplay such as Libidex who specialise in Latex. Of course, you can make your own or add mainstream costume accessories to your existing kink kit to turn it into cosplay. Add some cat ears to your latex catsuit to be Catwoman or wear a red cape or skirt over your favourite blue lacy body to be Supergirl, for example. Let your imagination run wild!

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