Adult Diaper Fetish

Getting into adult diaper fetish

What’s in adult diaper fetish?

Diapers and nappies are things we tend to want to get away from, growing up or as parents - but not everyone is eager to leave their diapers behind! Adult diapers can be fun and comforting for those who want to be adult babies and have the whole ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) experience. Some people just enjoy adult diaper fetish separate to other age play aspects - enjoying the comforting embrace and the freedom to dirty their nappy when and where they want. If you enjoy adult diapering, enjoy your fetish with other kinksters here at

Why does it feel good to wear a diaper?

Well, only you know precisely why it’s right for you. Maybe it reminds you of calmer times with less stress, possibly the feel of the nappy/diaper itself turns you on. Perhaps it means you have some ABDL playtime and that’s fun for you.

What are the motivations for adult diaper fetishes?

There are many motivations - from an attraction to the diaper itself, known as a paraphilia. Maybe it’s part of age play, and the motivation is to hark back to younger days. It could be a way to connect to old memories or even just because it makes you feel cared for.

Is it weird to want to wear diapers?

It might be an unusual pastime; it might seem a bit out of the ordinary. It’s not something society would call normal. But something being weird doesn’t mean it’s not okay. there’s nothing wrong with having an adult diaper fetish and wanting to wear a diaper.

What do I do about my partner’s adult diaper fetish?

It depends on what you want to do, but an excellent place to start is to talk to your partner about it. Just because your partner has a fetish, it doesn’t mean you have to join in if you don’t want to, that is your decision. But it is good to communicate openly about it, you never know, you might find a way to join in your partner’s fetish in a way you both like. It’s good to start from a non-judgemental mind frame and make sure the conversation happens when you’re both ready for it. It’s best to talk about it when you’re not in a sexual situation so that no one feels pressured into doing anything they don’t want to just to please the other.

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