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CG/l - all about littles and those who care for them.

Find out a little about littles and caregivers

CG/l stands for 'Caregiver / little', and is a gender-neutral catch-all term for many of the relationship dynamics found under a certain portion of the ageplay umbrella. Perhaps the most widely discussed of these dynamics is DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl), but all possible variations exist and identifying as a caregiver or a little is not bound by sexual orientation or gender identity!

Some people enjoy incorporating the accoutrements of being 'little' into their play, such as pacifiers or colouring books or childlike clothing. Others simply enjoy the dynamic and fantasy, without wanting so much to express their littleness outwardly.

CG/l sometimes comes alongside AB/DL, but there are significant differences between the two communities and the fetishes are not quite the same thing!

What is Caregiver / little?

Caregiver/little (or CG/l) is a gender neutral catch all for a specific area of age play where one partner plays the ‘adult’ role and another takes on the role of being child-like. There’s lots of variations of roles within this group and it can overlap with other fetishes like AB/DL for example.

How do I know if I’m into CG/l?

As a type of D/s relationship that focuses on the top being caring and guiding in a parental type role and the bottom being childlike, possibly enjoying activities such as colouring in or playing make believe. If any of this seems attractive to you, it might be you have an interest in Caregiver / little fetish lifestyle.

Is Caregiver / little the same as AB/DL?

Adult Baby/Diaper Lover is a kind of age play, as is Caregiver / little but that is where the similarities end. Some people may well be into both kinks, but they are not the same.

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    Age play is increasingly popular in kink circles, and comes in many different forms. The best known is, paradoxically, probably also the rarest; while adult babies and people heavily invested in diaper play certainly do exist and have valid and varied sexual expression, roleplaying a generally childlike demeanour with an authoritative figure is far more common. 'Ageplay' is an umbrella term and it covers a wide variety of kinks and identities; anything that involves roleplaying an age difference between two partners comes under it, including dynamics where one person acts in a cutesy or youthful way without embodying any one specific age.
    AB/DL stands for 'adult baby/diaper lover', and is distinct from other age play fetishes like daddy dom/little girl in several ways. While people who identify as littles often feel as though their 'little self' is an integral part of them, adult babies tend to have a clearer sense of engaging in a role play scenario. Diaper fetishes can also exist in isolation from baby play, and some find it difficult to achieve sexual satisfaction unless a diaper is involved, for example through diaper bondage. Baby play specifically addresses the natural need of all people to feel loved, protected and cared for - as well as giving its participants the chance to cut loose, relax and give up all their responsibilities for the length of a scene.
    Sexual role play is a staple of pornography, but all kinds of folks love it out here in the real world too. Plenty of people find that certain things are sexier in imagination than they are in reality; non-consent fantasies are a classic example of this. Other role play ideas are fantasies involving certain stereotyped roles (police officers, schoolgirls, hot mysterious strangers). With role playing games, or RPG, you can explore these things in safety and in comfort, alongside someone who in reality you already know and trust.