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Literally meaning ‘the husband of an adultress’ a cuckold is someone whose wife/long term partner is having sex with another person, often another man. It’s been used for years as an insult and is currently ‘cuck’ is over used by alt right men against men who support feminism etc which is a very wrong way to use the term. A cuckold in fetish terms is a submissive man who enjoys seeing his wife/Mistress/partner having sex with another person. It’s a type of erotic humiliation that can go hand in hand with all kinds of other fetishes like female domination for example.

What is a cuckolding fetish?

A man who likes to see their partner having sex with someone else has a cuckolding fetish. It can vary in the way it is executed from the guy just enjoying hearing about his female partner’s sexual exploits with others to him being part of a scene with her and someone else (usually male). It’s very much about erotic humiliation, the cuckold enjoys being in the submissive position with the female in control and taking her sexual satisfaction from whomever she chooses.

I have a cuckold fetish, is that okay?

If it’s fun, if all partners are consenting and willing and you’re not playing around with old fashioned racist and sexist presumptions, then sure it is. Cuckolding is deeply rooted in the idea that men ‘own’ their wives and partners and that is an old fashioned assumption that has no place in modern day society. As part of this old fashioned thinking, there are a lot of cuckold porn videos that centre around white couples inviting a black man in to cuckold the guy. This harks back to slavery and is definitely a no-go area. Anyone can enjoy a cuckold fetish these days and there shouldn’t be any racism or sexism involved in that. If you’re worried about your motivations or you feel it’s negatively affecting your life and relationships then you should consult a professional. Fetishes should be healthy and fun for all involved!

I’m straight but I have a cuckold fantasy about giving a guy oral sex

People of all sexual orientations have fantasies that might involve doing things with genders they’re not really attracted too. It’s a fantasy, it’s cool! Also if you decide to take your fantasy into real life it doesn’t automatically make you gay or bisexual. You get to choose how you identify. But if you are bisexual or gay that’s cool too!

How do I find someone to participate in my cuckold fetish?

At you can check out other people’s profiles, make a personal ad seeking out the other person/people for your cuckold fetish or even post in the forum to find others who enjoy cuckold fetish. Whatever you do, be Safe, Sane and Consensual. Make sure you meet a person in a neutral surrounding first to get to know them and do your scene negotiations before heading straight into a cuckolding scene. Make sure everyone is happy with what is going to happen and who is being involved and you’re bound to have some kinky fun!

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