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Partner swapping is the concept behind the classic 'key party', with the idea being that two established (and probably otherwise monogamous) couples swap partners for a single encounter or night. For some this develops into a more ongoing and polyamory-like arrangement, while for others it's just a little fun to help them change things up a bit and maybe explore some of your hitherto unrealised fantasies.

There's more than one way to get involved in this, but for most a swinger's club is the easiest place to start. Check out our events sections to find out which clubs are near you, and make sure you're in fantastic communication with your partner before you begin!

What is swinging/partner swapping?

When monogamous couples seek out casual sexual encounters with others.

Why do some people enjoy partner swapping?

There are many reasons why. Some people like to live out fantasies, others enjoy various cuckold and cuckqueen scenarios where some others have an open relationship and enjoy sex with other people than just their main partner. It can add spice to a relationship for some and for others it’s just how they enjoy sex and relationships.

How do you stay safe partner swapping?

Make sure condoms are used for all penetrative sex and have a thorough conversation with everyone joining in the scene about their sexual health. If you’re a single woman, be sure you know and trust the people you’re playing with or you know the swingers club you’re visiting. You want to know that you’ll be in control and that consent is observed at all times.

How do I find a swingers club?

Lots of clubs are listed on the places page and lots have their own websites. Search for swingers clubs in your area. It’s really easy to find them now in the digital age.

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