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For as long as there have been artists there has been erotic art. Photography is now the most common medium for such images, but it's been done in everything from cave painting to collages. It's sometimes said that the difference between 'naked' and 'nude' is how artistic it is - and while that might not be true, it's certainly the case that erotic imagery can have creative potential. Here at, we love exploring the boundaries between the erotic and the artistic, which is something the BDSM community has enjoyed for decades.

How is erotic art different from porn?

Erotic art has the same purpose as porn - It’s made to arouse - but where they differ is that erotic art often has another purpose too, it maybe gives an insight into the inner workings of the artist’s mind or could be a way of highlighting an issue in society.

Is all erotic art modern?

No, there has been this kind of art all through history. There are erotic cave paintings, fertility statues and early pottery. People have been making creative recordings of sex as long as they’ve been around because let’s face it, sex rocks.

Does fetish feature in erotic art?

Yes, this kind of art explores all kinds of fetishes from bondage to latex to water sports and cross dressing. There’s art out there for all kinds of kinksters and fetish lovers, you just need to look.

How do I make erotic art?

However you like! That’s the joy of being creative. You could use paint or sculpt with clay, you can take photos in fact anything you want. Portray anything you like from your BDSM play to more vanilla acts. If you have a particular fetish then concentrate on that. Fetish art is really popular as people love to see the kinks they enjoy depicted as art.

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