Werewolf Fetish

Turned on by werewolves?

All you need to know about werewolf fetish

Your brain is a sex organ, too, especially your imagination. A werewolf fetish is centred in myths and stories and plays out in role play. An enjoyment of werewolf fiction might be an indication of inner werewolf loving inclinations. Primal fetish is well-known in the BDSM world, and werewolf fetish is a fantastical extension of this. You can enjoy being stalked by a dangerous, primal beast in a safe and fun environment. Biting, scratching and chasing are all part of werewolf fun as well as transformation. Are you bored of being a human? Enjoy some sexy shifter play and embrace your inner wolf.

What is werewolf fetish?

Werewolf fetish has different aspects depending if you are a predator or prey. As an extension of primal play, werewolf fetish imagines a world where werewolves are real, which can be lived out in fiction and artwork as well as with role play. You may be attracted to the idea of being chased and mauled by a werewolf or you might want to transform into the werewolf yourself.

Do I have a werewolf fetish?

Only you can say that for sure, but if the idea of transforming into a werewolf arouses you or stalking and attacking prey - or you want to be the prey for a werewolf, you may do.

How can bring werewolf fetish into our sex life?

There are lots of ways you can bring werewolf fetish into your play. You could read erotic fiction together that features werewolf shifters. You could play with toys that imitate a werewolf phallus or dress up in furs to become a werewolf when you play. You can role play scenes where one of you is a werewolf, and the other is prey, which can involve chasing (if you're outdoors, be aware of your privacy and the consent of anyone who might see you) biting and scratching. Use your imagination and play 'pretend'!

I'm ashamed of my werewolf fetish, should I be?

Not at all, fetishes are positive aspects of our personalities that we should embrace. There is a worry with any play that involves imagining one person being an animal that it's in some way connected to bestiality. The difference with a werewolf is they can consent, so it's not the same at all. It is just a fun way to explore your imagination and sexuality. If you're worried about your fetish, if it feels like it's taking over your life or if it's encouraging you to make bad decisions or try unsafe practises, then you should seek medical help.

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