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Who doesn’t love a bit of role play? We’ve all played pretend at some point in our life, but adult role play has got to be the best. We can explore different roles and situations in the safety of our own home and with only our imaginations to limit us. Torturer captive prisoner role play taps heavily into the Dominance and submission areas of BDSM, giving one person all the power over their prisoner. From modern day cops to old fashioned torturer, you can role play any capture scenario you like without having to go anywhere near a real prison cell!

What is torturer captive prisoner role play?

Role play gives us a way to safely indulge in fantasy. This kind of role play revolves around an authority figure, a member of the police, a prison guard, maybe a solider capturing and having complete control over another person. This role play revolves around restraint and constraint.

Do you need costumes for torturer captive prisoner role play?

You don’t need any particular costume for this role play, plain clothes police officers exist of course! But it is up to you. If you enjoy uniforms, then this is a perfect role play to get your uniform out to wear. You don’t even need restraints, your own hands and body weight could be quite effective.

What can I say during torturer captive prisoner role play?

Getting into role is essential but don’t worry if you get a fit of the giggles, sex is meant to be fun after all. As the prisoner, lots of begging and pleading is encouraged for this kind of role play. Ask for mercy, you’re probably not going to get it, but it’s fun to ask! As the torturer you can get quite inventive with what the prisoner is accused with and what you get them to do. As long as you’re authoritative you can say anything you like.

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