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The gamut of sexual pleasure is as wide as it is long (hurr hurr), and you can be quite sure there's someone who is turned on by pretty much anything. If your personal deepest desires are a little off the beaten track, you may find that some places classify them as 'bizarre' - but this isn't necessarily a pejorative. So long as your kink is consensual, your kink is okay - and is a great place to start looking for other people who share it.

A lot of people who are primarily turned on by the bizarre find that their major outlets for these kinks are solo ones - so why not check out some of the erotic writing in our magazine section to see if any of it is up your alley?

What is a bizarre fetish?

It’s very subjective, what is bizarre for one person is run of the mill for others. However, you can class your fetish as bizarre if not many other people are into it. This doesn’t mean it’s not a brilliant fetish, just that it’s somewhat of an acquired taste.

Is my bizarre fetish healthy?

Only you can answer that. If your fetish makes you happy, you enjoy it and you find it enhances your life then yes, it’s perfectly healthy. If you feel like it’s negatively affecting, you in any way then it’s not healthy and you should talk to a medical professional. As long as you’re having lots of consensual fun then it doesn’t matter how bizarre it is, it’s a good thing.

How do I find someone into my bizarre fetish?

You are in the best place to find others into your same fetish. Check out the personal ads and profiles of people in your area to find out what they’re into. You could also start a post on the forum to talk about your fetish with other like-minded kinksters out there.

Should I forget about my bizarre fetish if I can’t find anyone else into it?

If it brings you joy, then do what you can to indulge it by yourself. We all need a bit of self-pleasure now and then, right? However, it’s always your choice. Just because you have a fetish doesn’t mean you have to engage in it. You always have a choice.

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