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Food is a comfort; we all have our favourites, the ones we could sit and eat all day. We all know what it feels like to be full after a huge meal, where you just had to have another serving or that one last cupcake. Feederism finds the erotic in this feeling and creates a fetish with a clear D/s dynamic. Some enjoy feeding, and others enjoy being fed. The end goal is often to have the feedee appear to gain weight, which can be for a short amount of time or longer periods.

What is feederism?

Feederism is part of fat fetishism, where the feedee, the person doing the eating, aims to put on weight. The feeder facilitates this. It can involve physically feeding another person or just deciding what someone eats. The feeder is the Dominant and the feedee submissive, and it's a fetish all about control.

Feederism, an empowering or harmful fetish?

There are very different views on feederism, but as with all things, there are healthy and harmful ways to do it. It can be hard to separate feederism from society's fear of fat as being obese is seen a bad thing. So, by extension, intending to get bigger must be a bad thing too, right? No. It's entirely possible to do feederism healthily and to view weight gain as a good thing, instead of being down on your size and shape. You can even fake it by wearing tighter clothes, so it looks like you're fatter. As with any fetish, it is essential to have safewords and practices in place. If people follow these practices and the people in the feederism relationship communicate and assess risk, there's no reason feederism can't be empowering.

Is feederism feeding an addiction?

Feederism is a fetish and as such plays a central part in a feeder or feedee's life and especially arousal. As with any fetish, it's all fine as long as it's good fun. If you feel it becomes more than that, then you should seek medical help.

What is a feeder relationship?

A relationship between a feeder and a feedee is D/s in nature as the feeder controls what the feedee is eating either in specific scenes or more generally. They might not have any other classic features of a Dominant and submissive relationship, though.

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