Hello, Hola, Hi, G'day, Ciao!

Dear looker
This is a great guy he has 2 arms, lots of hair, and plenty to say with excellent social connections. Bit of a sapiosexual...whatever eh ..hmmm
You can chat with this guy with 57 years on the clock for free - just message away

More detail consists of :

Friendly male.
Quite rare probably a collector 'UNICORN' model roughly details are as follows :

Interested in many things, females and sex and all it entails being but one.
Dont mind traveling Australia, particularly by motorcycle of which I am a rider, ex racer, collector and restorer.
Have been well traveled, covering most parts of the globe and a lot of its female population.
Still do wish to see parts of you, then, South America, Africa and of course a favorite for locations of people on here, YOUR private parts lol !!!, and then of course Anctartica !

My vocation has been as a doodler, colouring in guy, design unprofessional, project mangler and 'business' person mainly with large scale commercial and retail building projects. I have enjoyed that ride albeit it has been full of some hard but *** liberating experiences. I have numerous pieces of paper and degrees and have attained many accolades in this field, and learned a hell of a lot butt now at my age forgetting a lot??

What the unicorn thinks it likes:

things of an adult and kink nature:
Seeking a submissive female / woman / lady.
There ..

some of the unique traits that separate and raise me beyond the 'stiff' competition.
I don't have a 15 inch cock and I don't have a 3 inch cock .... oh wait hmmm .. get back to you on that one must check during cold weather... no, its a nice medium cock I hope ... which is very friendly.
I'm old enough to know better but young enough to do it anyhow as well hopefully twice

I don't have tattoo's =
No moustache or facial hair on me ...shaves ...
Scars = some select worthy of a couple of stories
Average height 5 11 yes well why mention it eh but its pretty tall compared to some women
Weight is a healthy 90kg about not fat not skinny average ... so, well its a super fit dadbod hard tradie sort of look and no steroids here, so NO v neck, roid rage, small testicles shrinking away
My hair is sort of salt and pepper until I put colouring in it
I think my body is athletic, but that's me in the mirror after 5 pushups...
On and on and on......I could impress endlessly but why bother.

End of basic specification.

So, what say you females ?
Another really quite hot punter (age adjusted) that's not quite the 28 year old stud looking like Dwayne "The Cock" Johnson with $150 million in the bank and a James Bond lifestyle - but I think that I could perhaps be ok for you?

So here's to an nice guy with a medium sized cock
Trying away despite the odds
Have a great day !

OK, now, this is important ::
Looking for :

These are non negotiable I wont settle, you must be:

Local ONLY (within say 300,000 km).
18 to 99 ONLY
I want something in common other than sex... ohhh wait... only SEX will do its ok and quite fine with me if that's all on offer = so strictly age18-99 ONLY.
Interested in LTR = Long term relationship (but a fling is ok too and even a short term FWB arrangement if offered)
Prefer 3 to10 and up on the accepted 1-10 scale but will look at all put forward positively
Just because I have a medium sized cock does not necessarily mean you require a medium sized vagina. Other sizes will also be considered, but must be friendly and not bite on first date.
FAKES / Fuckers not real / bots / scammers, rubber dolls with computer AI, will all be considered if there is a monetary reward or some other random benefit in it for me lol
My Ideal Person A intelligent submissive female.
Willing to have fun and experiment.
Imagination a must , I will listen to your desires.

Scammers, fakes , bye ....

BDSM Play Partner30 to 50 years ● 500km around Australia, Gold Coast 2 weeks ago

Similar to fat

A pet is a submissive who enjoys taking on aspects of a domesticated animal. Pets enjoy the freedom of being animal-like. They leave all adult responsibility behind to play like their chosen pet. There are many different levels of pet play. Some pets enjoy dressing up with masks and gloves so that the pet can’t speak or use their hands as humans would. Other’s just like to act like pets without any particular specialist gear. There can be a sexual element to pet play but quite often it is just simply about play and the power dynamic between the Owner and their dearly beloved pet.
A brat is a submissive who tries very hard to be good but their mischievous nature means they often don’t quite hit the mark. Brats are often naughty but in a playful way. They’re not trying to rebel, they just enjoy encouraging their Dom to take them in hand. Brats like having rules but mostly so they can be broken. They don’t seek out serious and strict Doms because in their heart of hearts they know they’ll never be totally tamed. They’re cheeky and mischievous and love to wind up their top. They are submissive with a fiery core. They try really hard to be good but sometimes being naughty is its own reward. Being naughty gives the brat meaning, it is very much the heart of their dynamic. They will take every opportunity to play up, giving their Dom a challenge and providing extra excitement for themselves. They never know how a top will react to their acts of brattishness, also known as bratting, so they’re kept on their toes. Brats are joyful in all they do, loving their Doms and showing respect but always with the odd moment of naughtiness because that’s what they enjoy the most.
Brat tamers are Dominants who look for naughty, playful submissives, called brats. They love the challenge of keeping up with the mischievous antics of brats and providing suitable rules, punishments and rewards. Brat tamers know that they’ll never tame their brats, but they have a whole lot of fun trying. They are Dominant in nature but they do not expect the same level of control and submission that say a slave master would. They know that playful mischief is part of a brat’s make up and embrace that. Enjoying when their brat misbehaves and coming up with suitable punishments that both brat and tamer will enjoy. Brat tamers tend to be more flexible than other Dom/mes as they enjoy the challenge of their submissives. They will enjoying finding new ways to punish and reward behaviour, always trying to stay a step ahead of their brat. They can just be out and out Dominants but can be switches too. As people who enjoy bratting can enjoy taming brats too. They get the brat mind set. document.getElementById("thinkific-product-embed") || document.write('');Learn More

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