Feel the pinch!

Thlipsosis - the fetish for pinching

Pain and sensation come in many forms, and not all of them require strength or finesse. Much like biting, it can be surprisingly easy to control and inflict pain on a willing victim simply by pinching them - particularly if you choose your target areas wisely! This is a particularly useful trick for dominants who are physically not as strong as their submissive partners. It's not a type of pain that everyone enjoys, but for those who like it it's a great way to subtly work a little bit of a kinky dynamic into the everyday without drawing too much attention to yourself or needing any special implements and equipment.

Is butt pinching okay?

If you pinch the bottom of someone who has consented to it then it's great. You should never ever pinch someone's bum(sometimes called goosing) without asking first.

Where is it safe to pinch?

It's really hard to pinch an area of the body where there isn't much flesh, if you can't pinch an area easily then it's an indication you shouldn't!

How do you know if you have a pinching fetish?

Thlipsosis is the fetish of enjoying being pinched or pinching someone else. If you get sexually excited by this idea you might have a Fetish for it, especially if it is something you regularly fantasise about

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There's more than one 'official' definition of what the letters in BDSM stand for, and plenty of people don't agree on their exact usage! However you use the term, though, it's a catch-all way of describing a whole bunch of kinks and fetishes that are more common than many people imagine: bondage and impact play, sadism and masochism, domination and submission. Safety, consent and respect for boundaries are all key in the practice of BDSM, and it's vital to negotiate properly with your partners before getting into anything heavy-handed. Thankfully it's not so hard to learn - most places around the world have their own BDSM communities that are only too happy to take in newbies and help them learn the ropes.
Many kinky people and BDSM fans love a bit of wax play, a method of sensation play that involves dripping hot wax onto someone's body from a lit candle. There are many types of candles to use for this kind of play, and there are many things to be turned off by a part from that erotic burning sensation. It's easy enough to get going with: all you need is a candle, a partner and a bit of time!
Biting frequently forms a part of kink play and BDSM games. For some people, it's an easy way to cause controlled pain to someone who is not necessarily physically weaker than they are; for others it's a possessive and almost primal act. Whatever appeals to you about the act of biting (or the idea of being bitten), it's important not to break the skin; if blood play is your thing there are safe ways to do it, but biting someone hard enough that they bleed is always unhygienic and never a good plan.
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