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Some people love to be scared. Look at the popularity of roller coasters and horror movies, Halloween and real-life crime programmes. There's something about being afraid that makes people happy. Fear Play takes this a step further and makes being frightened an erotic experience. It can often be part of other BDSM practices such as knife play and abandonment play and is seen as edge play because it toys with the psychological and this kind of activity needs a lot of preparation, trust and aftercare. The thrill is different for the Dominant and submissive partner/s in a fear play scene, but fear is a robust way to bond with a person you trust.

What is fear play?

Fear play is any BDSM activity that focuses not on pain or pleasure but on the psychological act of making someone feel afraid. In essence, this can be done through physical or mental ways; sometimes fear play will be mixed with other pain and or pleasure play depending on the individual involved.

What does fear play mean?

Fear play means any play that isn't focused on pain and pleasure. Sadism and masochism depend on this for an endorphin rush, as does a lot of Dominance and submission play. Fear play is all about the terror and a person's response to that, which involves a rush of adrenaline.

Is fear play safe?

Considered edge play because of the psychological nature, fear play is one where RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) rules apply. It's vital that the person who gets scared in whatever way has adequate and thorough after play. This play can be kept as safe as possible, but it's recommended to have an established relationship with your play partner because of the trust needed.

Why is fear play fun?

For the bottom or sub being scared, the fun can come from the adrenaline rush that being frightened causes. It can also be about being out of control, as lots of BDSM play is. For the top or Dom in the scene, the thrill can come from being in control or can be a sadistic response to the bottom/sub being afraid of them.

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