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Into wedgies?

Everyone has experienced a time when their underwear accidentally gets bunched up between their butt cheeks. While it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, wedgies can be so much more than an inconvenience. It has been used as a form of bullying for years, but wedgie fetishists find the enjoyment in the pain and humiliation of wedgies. No matter your preference for undergarments whether it's knickers, thongs, panties or boxers, you can find the thrill in pulling them tight or having someone else do it for you. It's a fantastic way of playing with Dominance and submission with nothing more than your underwear.

What is a wedgie fetish?

 A wedgie is when you pull underwear up into the crease of a person's bottom. You can do it to yourself or others. The fetish for wedgies focuses on the erotic sensations this can bring, and the pain and the humiliation can be used in a BDSM context, or just for its own sake.

Is it weird to have a wedgie fetish?

Not at all. Wedgies are things people often experience in formative years, and that can lead on to a fascination, usually sexual. It can also be just something you discover you enjoy as part of other BDSM activities. It might not be viewed as 'normal', but it's a perfectly acceptable fetish.

How do you tell someone you're into wedgie fetish?

It's always important to have these conversations when everyone taking part in it are receptive and ready to talk. It might be something you feel embarrassed about, but perhaps you can start by talking about general turn-ons or other erotic acts you'd like to try and mention your wedgie fetish as part of that.

Are wedgies dangerous?

Generally no. But, you have to be mindful, especially when giving wedgies to people with testicles to ensure the blood circulation isn't cut off - this is also something to be aware of if the person has prominent labia. If the person receiving the wedgie feels a tingling or numbness that is unusual, stop the scene immediately. Make sure you know the risks before you play.

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