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Sometimes known as butt plugs, anal plugs are toys especially made to be inserted into the anus. With a curved body and a pointed tip, anal plugs have a wide, flared base so the toy won’t be sucked inside the anal passage. They are available in all different sizes, so you can start out small and move on to bigger plugs if you so desire. Anal plugs come in all different colours, some have jewels or designs in the base, others vibrate or even spread once inserted. Whatever your level or desire, there is an anal plug out there for you.

What are anal plugs?  

Anal plugs vary in size but with a very similar shape. These butt plugs have a bulging middle and a tapered end for easy insertion and a flared base. Made specifically for anal use but they can be used by all sexes and genders.

How do you use an anal plug?

Firstly you need lots of lube. Put it on both the butt plug and into and around the anal passage. Make sure to warm up first, using fingers until the person is comfortable and ready for the plug. If you are taking the anal plug, try to stay as relaxed as possible to allow it to slide I easily. Only hold it inside as long as you are comfortable, this might not be very long at first, but that’s okay. It takes time to get used to the feeling.

What do anal plugs feel like?

Everyone will experience them differently, but butt plugs give a feeling of being full, they can stimulate the prostate in men that can be intensely pleasurable. For all sexes though, wearing a butt plug can be very pleasurable, especially as part of other sexual and BDSM play.

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Kinksters wanting to add something more to their bondage play have been hooked by a devious and simple device: the anal hook. Simply made out of stainless steel, this hook has a ball at one end to insert into the anus of any willing sub and an O ring at the other end to tie rope to. This can then be tied to another part of the sub’s body or to a hard point. Any movement then makes the hook slide deeper, causing discomfort. Perfect if you need to keep a submissive still, always use lube and only use an anal hook if you have experience with rope.
The concept behind anal beads is simple: they're generally inserted during foreplay and pulled out toward the end of sex, often trying to coincide with the moment of climax. A lot of people find using anal bead intensely pleasurable, and it can seriously heighten the sensations involved. As with all anal play, it's important to use plenty of lubricants and be extremely careful only to employ toys that were specifically designed for anal use. People of all genders and sexualities often enjoy playing with anal beads, but they can be especially great for anyone with a prostate - even if you're a little dubious, it's well worth trying them out once.
Anal sex is hugely popular, but it's not the only way of getting your butt in on the action. Anal massage and analingus can both feel fantastic for giver and receiver alike, and they're a great way of warming someone up to be fucked in the ass without difficulty or discomfort. There are plenty of toys around designed to make anal play more enjoyable for all involved, and it's well worth looking into some plugs and vibrators to see what they can do for you. Be careful about what you pick, though - toys not designed for use in that area can get lost more easily than you might imagine, so be sure and get the right ones for you and your partner!