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Vibrators and other vibrating sex toys come in many shapes and sizes, but many fans of the love egg swear by their particular benefits. They're curved in a way that makes them an excellent choice for clitoral stimulation, and they're small enough to be versatile - meaning they can be worked into a couple's sex life as well as enhancing masturbation and other solo play. If you've never tried a love egg, they're well worth a shot. Basic models also tend to be inexpensive, making them an affordable way to introduce yourself to battery-powered sex toys and a new kind of clitoral stimulation.

What is a love egg? 

A small vibrating toy that is shaped like an egg. It can have a remote control and some are completely wireless.

How do you use a love egg safely?

Use lube to avoid chafing and be sure that if you insert the love egg into the vagina or anal passage that it can be retrieved easily. They are otherwise easy to use. Just insert or press against the clit or nipples and use the control unit to get the perfect vibrations for you or your partner.

How do you choose a love egg?

Pick a size and shape that works for you. You might want something quite chunky if you want to insert it and stimulate the G-spot. Pick a wireless bullet if you want to have some discreet fun when out and about. Hand it to your partner for some unexpected fun. Wired remote control eggs are good to use on your own or with a partner. Double love eggs are great for stimulating both nipples at the same time.

Are remote controlled love eggs better?

It depends on what you want, really. A wired, remote control egg is great for use on your own or with a partner but if you wanted to have some discreet fun when out of the bedroom a wireless version is the only way to achieve it.

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