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The nipples are a sensitive and erogenous zone, and nipple clamps are a standard part of many BDSM toy boxes. They can heighten sensations, add a whole new dimension to bondage and provide just the right amount of pain - not to mention they have a kinky look to them that helps to symbolise submission for many people. The feeling can be fantastic, though it does take a little getting used to. As a rule of thumb, they'll hurt more when you first put them on, and the pain then reduces over a few minutes till you can barely feel them. Don't let this make you overconfident, however, as the most intense pain of all is when you take them off!

What are nipple clamps?

A sex toy often used in BDSM play to cause pain through restricting blood flow to the nipple then reintroducing it again by removing the clamp.

How do you use nipple clamps safely?

Clamps cut off circulation so they shouldn’t be left on for long period of times. Remove the clamps if there is discolouration or swelling or if the submissive is in a lot of discomfort. A safeword should be agreed before any BDSM for this kind of situation. Remember, the removal of the clamp causes the most pain, the longer it’s left on, the more painful the removal will be.

How do you chose the right nipple clamps?

When starting out it’s recommended to use adjustable clamps where you can choose how much they pinch. Clothes peg type clamps are also good for beginners as they have a wide surface area and don’t pinch too tightly. Nipple sticks are adjustable but start out much tighter than many adjustable clamps. They are easy to use and good for building up the pressure every time you use them. However, if you want more pain, go for clover clamps. Also for increased pain you can use weights on a chain between the two clamps to add pressure.

How long can nipple clamps be worn?

Nipple clamps shouldn't be worn for more than 20 minutes at a time, only very experienced users can leave them on for that long. 10 minutes is the maximum recommended for beginners but it is best to start with shorter periods of time and move up. Nipple clamps are most painful when removed, that is the most intense part of play. After clamps have been used, the nipples are highly sensitive so you can have lots of fun kinky play as the gentlest touch will be amplified and made all the more painful.

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