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Patented in 1998 as a ‘device for discreet sperm collection’ the fleshlight has quickly become a favourite masturbation aid for men. It looks similar to a flashlight (hence the name) from the outside and so can be stored discreetly without much effort. Inside there is a textured, medical grade silicone shaped as either a vulva, anus or mouth. Easy to use, this masturbation tool simulates sex and carries none of the risks that sex actually does. It is a step up from masturbating with just a hand and gives variety to a much enjoyed leisure activity that, let’s face it, everyone likes to indulge in!

What is a fleshlight?

Housed in a hard plastic case that looks like a chunky torch/flashlight inside there is a soft, medical grade silicone sleeve which is shaped to feel good when used. The silicone is shaped to resemble a vulva, anus or mouth to simulate real sex acts.

How do you keep a fleshlight clean?

imply rinse out the masturbator with water after every use to keep it clean. Never use any kind of soap as this is abrasive to the plastic. Make sure you clean your fleshlight after every single use.

Why choose a fleshlight for masturbation?

This easy to use male masturbator simulates real sex to spice up masturbation sessions. Great to change up your masturbation routine and they need no set up at all.

What lube should be used with a fleshlight?

It’s always advised to use lube with your fleshlight, what kind is up to you. However, water based lube is best to use with silicone toys. Some silicone lubes can be used, but always do a test on a small part of your toy before using it properly as silicone lube can react badly with silicone based toys.

Image: Come As You Are Co-Operative. Flickr Creative Commons License.

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