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Sex swings are designed to maximise the sexual experience. One person is suspended in the swing and the other is then in control of all the action. There are different kinds of slings, some attach to the back of the door, others have their own frame and some need to be attached to the ceiling. As well as where they hang, the type of swing varies a lot too. You can get ones that are like a hammock and others that have leg and wrist supports as well as somewhere to rest your bum. So no matter what you want to do in it, there is a sex swing out there perfect for you.

What is a sex swing?  

A sex swing is a harness that suspends one partner while the other stands and is in complete control of the action. These swings are very often used in BDSM relationships.

How do you use a sex swing safely?

Firstly, be sure to read all the instructions on set up. This is especially important if you are attaching a hard point to a door, door frame or the ceiling. Once you have your swing secure you can let your imagination run wild. Use the swing in any way you like to aid with oral sex, full penetration or even a spanking. Just make sure you hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

Why choose a sex swing?

A sex swing gives lots of new, exciting options for sexual intercourse because one partner is suspended, giving access to the other partner from all sides. It is especially good for D/s fun and games as the person in the swing is totally at the mercy of the person still standing.

How do you choose the best sex swing?

It’s important to think about what you need from your sex swing. If you want convenience and ease of set up then you might want to look at a swing that hooks over a door. This limits the positions you can use though. If you want 360 access, picking a sex swing that hangs from the ceiling or has its own frame is probably best. A sex sling with its own fame also has the advantage of being easy to move. Also think about the size of the people using the swing, most will have a weight limit, make sure you get one that works for you and your partner.

Image: Sex Sling: CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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