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Designed to help pregnant women have more comfortable sex; sex stools have since been adopted by all kinds of people to enjoy accessible sex. A great piece of kit to add variety to your sex life, a sex stool can be used to take the weight off bad backs and dodgy knees and make sex more accessible for those with disabilities. They can be used for kinky purposes, too. It could make the perfect queening stool, for example. And if you keep your sub restrained, you can keep the goodies (you) just out of reach. Tantalizingly sexy.

What is a sex stool?

Made of a lightweight frame, and usually collapsible, a sex stool also has thick stretchy bands forming the seat with lots of bounce and a split down the middle for access. Just like a footstool, it doesn’t stand far off the ground and is designed to make sex easier for everyone but especially those with disabilities and people who are pregnant.

How do you use a sex stool?

A sex stool allows the person on top of it to bounce up and down easier. So you can use it in any way you like to make vaginal, anal or oral sex easier or if your sadistic, harder for the people involved.

Can you use a sex stool for more than penetrative sex?

Yes! Use your sex stool to tease and tempt a restrained sub, by holding yourself just out of reach. You can use your stool for masturbation too, in conjunction with a sex machine or a dildo. Some stools can change into different positions, so it’s not all about bouncing on top!

How do I hide my sex stool?

Many sex stools are collapsible and can be put away out of the sight of prying eyes. But as they look like a stool, you could leave it out. Maybe put a cushion on top to make it look even more stool like, but as sex furniture goes, a sex stool is very discreet!

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