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Spice things up with some kinky sex toys

If you've never used a vibrator, you should try one out - no matter what your gender identity or genital configuration. They can open up whole new worlds of pleasure and experimentation, and many people find them a fantastic way to get to know themselves sexually a little bit better.

They're far from the only sex toy out there in sex shops, though. If you're interested in cock rings, sex dolls, dildos, butt plugs, Fleshlights, nipple clamps or any other stimulating object, is a great place to start - our forums are full of advice for first-time experimenters, and our magazine section has plenty of interesting and illuminating reviews.

Where to buy sex toys?

The internet is full of places offering ‘discreet shipping and billing’ options and guarantees for quality and satisfaction. The important thing is to buy from a reliable place and buy toys that are specifically body safe and designed for sexual purposes. Our magazine features a few lists of top retailers and a simple search online will offer up hundreds of suggestions.

Obviously, if you’re unsure about what you want then it’s best to go to a local sex shop and talk to the people who work there. They are pros and it’s their job to educate you about your potential purchases. Since most quality sex toys will not come cheap. It’s a great opportunity to get a ‘hands on’ experience before you buy - most places will have sex toys on display.

How can I convince my partner to introduce sex toys into our play?

Sometimes people are reticent to use sex toys because they don’t know where to start or are worried that the toy might replace them in your sex life. Getting over this takes patient conversation. Talk to them about what they think of sex toys and try to find out what they’re open to trying. You could help them find articles online to help them get into the idea of using sex toys or maybe you could find a local, friendly sex shop to go to and talk to staff there. If the person is really dead set against it though, then you have to accept their no as no. Consent is essential in everything.

Is it safe to use sex toys when pregnant?

Yes it is, unless you’ve been told to avoid sex by a health professional or that you could go into labour early or your waters have broken you can use sex toys as you would usually. Just be sure to keep them clean as it’s super important to avoid infections during pregnancy. Wash them thoroughly before and after use, don’t use the same item in your vagina and anus or if you do, use a fresh condom every time you use it. It’s also good to have a wee after using your sex toys to reduce chances of infection.

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