Silicone, wooden or glass dildos - which ones do you prefer?

Dildos - a versatile sex toy

The dildo is probably the oldest sex toy of all. We have evidence of dildos going all the way back into prehistory--and through the centuries they've been credited with all manner of surprising qualities! These days we tend to approach them simply as toys--and what gloriously versatile toys they can be. A good collection of dildos is a useful addition to anyone's bedroom. They can be used for pegging and strapon sex between people without penises of their own; they're a fantastic masturbation aid; some of them are even decorative discussion pieces. They come in all kinds of materials, with the most common being silicone, glass and wooden dildos.

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    If you've never used a vibrator, you should try one out - no matter what your gender identity or genital configuration. They can open up whole new worlds of pleasure and experimentation, and many people find them a fantastic way to get to know themselves sexually a little bit better. They're far from the only sex toy out there in sex shops, though. If you're interested in cock rings, sex dolls, dildos, butt plugs, Fleshlights, nipple clamps or any other stimulating object, Fetish.com is a great place to start - our forums are full of advice for first-time experimenters, and our magazine section has plenty of interesting and illuminating reviews.
    Plenty of people can enjoy the sensation of being anally penetrated, including those who don't tend to be sexually attracted to people with penises of their own. The act of anally penetrating someone using a strapon is called 'pegging', and it's a particular favourite of men, women, doms and subs alike. Make sure you choose a strap on dildo that's an appropriate size for your partner's preferences, and as always use plenty of lubricant. Make sure you give a good warmup, be cautious at first and stay in communication with your partner to make sure everyone's happy. Pegging can be an incredible experience for both parties, so don't be afraid to experiment.
    Strap-on is a shortened form for strap-on dildo and is a kind of sex toy that is useable by all genders and sexualities. There are many different types off strap-ons but they all are essentially a harness that holds the dildo onto someone (or something) and either a built in dildo or a space to place a dildo for sexual play. They can be used for all kinds of play but are popularly used for pegging (where a woman gives anal sex to a man) as men can have very strong orgasms when their prostate is stimulated. Strap-ons can also be used between female couples, by transgender people and men