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Penis pumps were invented in the early 1900s to treat erectile dysfunction, the clitoral pump derives from this device. It is a sex toy used to encourage blood flow to the clitoris and/or the labia which therefore heightens sexual pleasure. In kink, a clit pump can be used by a Dominant on a restrained submissive to heighten sensation and help with orgasm torture. It is often used in conjunction with a nipple pump. It is believed that with regular use a clit pump can help women who experience trouble orgasming to reach climax as it promotes blood flow to the genitals.

What is a clitoral pump?

This hand held device has a cup like end and a pump. The cup is placed over the clit and/or the labia and the pump used to create a vacuum and pull out the air. Plumping up the flesh trapped under the cup.

How do you use a clitoral pump safely?

It is advised to use lots of lube to make a good seal between the pump and your skin. Use the quick release valve if you feel any discomfort or pain from the pumping and never use a clit pump on broken or damaged skin. Make sure to only use it on your clit and or labia, it can cause damage if placed directly over the vagina.

Why use a clitoral pump?

By increasing blood flow to the clit, it can make orgasm easier to achieve. It will certainly heighten the sensations of any touching or sexual activity you indulge in after using your clit pump. It will make your clit appear bigger and swollen, making it easier to stimulate during PIV (Penis in Vagina) sex and more sensitive for masturbation.

Can a clitoral pump help me orgasm?

Some people can climax from just using the pump alone, others find the increased sensitivity after using a pump makes it easier to climax. Increasing blood flow to the clitoris makes it extra sensitive so it can be easier to orgasm for some.

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