There's so much more than the rabbit vibrator

That buzzing pleasure giver...

The natural extension of - and often a companion to - the dildo is the vibrator. Vibrators have been around since the Victorian era when they were used by doctors to cure what was known as "hysteria". These days, thankfully, their primary purpose tends to be far less of a sexist cliche. There are many types; for example the remote control vibrator and the famous rabbit vibrator, and can be a boon to all kinds of sex and self-pleasure no matter who you are. Do some experimentation to figure out what kind works best for you - there are a wealth of options out there. Shopping in person is often best, as sales advisors can help you make your pick!

What is a vibrator?

Used for sexual pleasure, vibrators vibrate sometimes in different patterns and at different speeds to stimulate the user to orgasm. They come in lots of different shapes, colours and sizes.

How do you look after your vibrator?

Clean it after every use, most vibrators can be cleaned with warm, soapy water but check the instructions and don’t submerge non-waterproof vibrators in water. It is also advisable to take batteries out of your vibrator (if it has them) after every use so they can’t leak.

Does vibrator use de-sensitise you?

This is a well known myth. Using a vibrator doesn’t desensitise you at all, it’s just that most vibrators will bring you to orgasm quicker than by manual stimulation of the clit, so it may seem that way. Don’t worry, though. You can use your vibrator as often as you like without ill effect!

How do you use a vibrator in BDSM scenes?

Orgasm control can involve giving and denying a climax to your submissive. You can use all kinds of vibrators to achieve this. Tie them down and focus a wand on their genitals and see how many orgasm they can have one after another or bring them to the brink and leave them wanting.

Vibrators can be used with saran wrap or vac beds to stimulate the submissive cocooned inside. They can be used to run over clamped nipples, existing bruises, needles in needle play if your bottom is particularly into pain. They are versatile bits of kit for kink!

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