Think you’ve visited them all? Well guess what - there’s more! Here’s a list of the best, but not so well known, swingers clubs around the country and what it’s like to step inside their kinky doors...


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Best Unknown UK Swingers Clubs: For Like-minded Lads and Lassies

The largest city in Scotland has many hidden secrets and the first swingers club on our list is one of them. Located in the north side of the city, CJ’s has 7 playrooms, 2 lounges, rooms especially for couples and females only (complete with love swing!) and for us kinksters, a kinky dungeon with all sorts of BDSM equipment begging to be played with. Towels, condoms and refreshments are provided upon entry. All guests are asked to bring is their sexy selves dressed up in a smart-casual fashion and a small contribution towards the running cost of what has come to be known as a must-see swinging destination for all sexually liberated scots. 

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Best Unknown Swinger Clubs in the UK: Sex in the Deep South

Travelling to the other end of the country? There’s more to see in Devon than green fields and cream teas. Unless, of course, that’s a euphemism for some of the kinky goings-on that happen behind the doors of the Secrets country home. Both seasoned swingers and the curious newbies are welcomed into this secluded location, set halfway between Exeter and Plymouth. You’ll find a fully-licenced bar, heated outdoor swimming pool, sauna with a capacity for 10 people, hot tub for 6 and massage services onsite. There is also a delicious buffet provided. Now for the naughty stuff. The Secrets house also has various themed rooms; a dance room, an orgy room, an X-rated cinema room, the ‘grope’ room with cage and the new ‘trailer trash’ installation. Parties go on until 5am, so you’ve got plenty of time to get kinky in every last corner.

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Best Unknown Swinger Clubs in the UK: For the Naughty Naturist

Let yourself be pampered at the brand new spa complex in Bournemouth. Paradise Health Spa is a naturist and swingers club for the traditional nudist or for those who fancy a naughtier experience. Massages, jacuzzis, a Swedish sauna and a steam room that holds up to 11 guests - there’s plenty to help you wind down after a long day’s work. And if so much relaxation gets you in the mood, there are rooms available for taking hedonism to another level. Like exhibitionism? As the owners themselves say “The doors can be locked … but rarely are!”. Pro tip: treat yourself to their very own ‘bubble massage’. We’re not sure what it entails, but we sure want to find out.

austin icom.png BDSM Bournemouth, Dorset, UK - Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


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Best Unknown Swinger Clubs in the UK: Would you?

If you want to experience a whole other level of swinging, Dare to is the place for you. On the surface, it’s an elegant venue decorated with antique furniture, home to the fully licenced Eagle bar, and even has a baby grand piano. On the roof terrace there is a solarium and hot tub. But just under the surface, the Dare to building becomes a very kinky place to be. There are 10 playrooms, all designed differently to fulfill every last desire. Further below still, in the basement, you’ll find the kinkster’s favourite, the Dare to dungeon. Here is where they hold fetish events such as Fetish Day Play, Bi – Bi Curious Transcendence Nite, Deviant Desires, and the British Fetish Crew parties.

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Best Unknown Swinger Clubs in the UK: Dig a little deeper

What used to be a campsite for lovers of swinging and the alternative lifestyle, has now turned exclusively into a sex party venue. But don’t fret, they’re no ordinary events. From the outside, it looks like a calm, countryside home but, once you take a step inside you’ll find a massive roman orgy room, a jacuzzi room, a screened exhibitionists area, a massage couch room complete with showers, and lockers. But it doesn’t stop there. For the more adventurous sexual deviant, there are two very kinky ‘dark’ rooms. The first has a sex swing and multiple bed area and the second, the kinkiest of them all, is the fetish room. Here you’ll find a St. Andrew’s cross, a spanking bench, a smother box and an adjustable medical table to carry out your deepest medical play desires. In order to get in on the action you’ll need to contact them first. They do this in order to keep a nice male-female ratio and ensure there’s enough of each for everyone to enjoy. 

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Best Unknown Swinger Clubs in the UK: Or is it devils?

Explore your sexuality in a place that’s anything but innocent. Known as Wiltshire’s premium swinger’s venue, Angels was purpose built for nighttime naughtiness. The parties they hold are quite exclusive, limiting the amount of guests to 75 couples maximum. That way, you’ll get the opportunity to speak to almost everyone, and not be overwhelmed. There are tons of areas for you to play around in, including open orgy rooms and lockable ones too. Kinksters are invited to let loose in the large dungeon area equipped with suspended sex swing and BDSM cage. Parties normally take place on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday - and they’re all different themes. If you’ve got a thing for mature sexually-liberated ladies, MILF night is not one to miss. 

austin icom.png BDSM Melksham, Wiltshire, UK - Swingers Clubs, Fetish Clubs, Dungeons and More!


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Best Unknown Swinger Clubs in the UK: Torquay’s Swinging Secret

The south west’s biggest and best swingers club is known as Swingers Quay. Located in the picturesque tourist town of Torquay, the 200 year old brewery building is home to some of the raunchiest reunions in the country. It boasts four whole floors to explore. Spread across these levels there’s a sauna fit for 12 people, a steam room for 10 and a spa area for 16! On top of that you’ve got video areas showing adult films to get you in the mood, and plenty of dark corners for when you catch the eye of someone you like. Something to definitely check out is Club Taboo. These fetish-heavy events are held on the first and third Friday of every month and are made for you to let go and embrace the darker, more exciting side of swinging.

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Best Unknown Swinger Clubs in the UK: Mix it up

No matter who you are, single or a couple, straight or gay, or anything in between, there’s an event that welcomes you with very warm arms. What event you say? Remix. It’s probably the most inclusive event in Swindon and its surroundings. The name says it all. The idea is for you to come and mix with new people with all sorts of genders and sexual orientations and, if you want to, try something completely new. As with all the swingers clubs on this list, you’re under no obligation to do anything you don’t want to. But, if you do you have a curious mind, why not check out the Swindon Swingers venue and explore things you’ve never done before, in a nonjudgmental, safe and sexy context?

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Looking for swingers events in your local area? You don't have to travel far to get kinky with strangers. Check out our major city lists and see if your neighbours like to be naughty...


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