We know that for some of you, fetish play is more fun with multiple kinskters involved.  Whether you like to swap partners, engage in a kinky sex party, watch or be watched, the swinger lifestyle is where you get your thrills. The problem is that most swingers clubs and adult parties are of the vanilla variety, so where can you go if you want a spicier type of sex? Fear not, for we’ve compiled the top ten best fetish sex parties in the UK where you can combine your BDSM party fantasies with your sexual desires. What are you waiting for? Time to get swinging! 

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most (if not all) establishments may be closed.
Stay safe! :gimp:




Liberty Elite - High standard sex parties at Leicester's premium swingers club

If you want to experience the crème de la crème of the swingers party world, a Liberty Elite fetish event is not to be missed! This Leicester establishment is an upscale private members club for lovers of the liberated lifestyle and their sensuous environs are sure to get frisky couples in the mood for a full-on night in a seductive sex club.



This classy and clean swingers club is kitted out with a variety of dungeon equipment and the resident House Master and House Mistress are on hand to take your BDSM party play to the next level. There is also a spa area where you can relax…or continue the kinky times! This is one seriously hot swinger party you will definitely want to get involved in!

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM Leicestershire, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



BiZarre Events - Kinky extreme fetish sex parties in London

Do regular swingers parties bore you? Are you craving a sex party that pushes the envelope? If so, BiZarre Events has just the adult party you’re looking for. BiZarre Events organise London’s most extreme fetish sex parties that you can imagine, whether you’re a lover of latex, a fan of flogging or a wet and wild watersports enthusiast. Expect dimmed lights, pulsating music and naughty play equipment to excite and ignite your kinkiest fantasies. Their BDSM sex parties are LGBT friendly and welcome poly-groups, couples and individuals of all sexual persuasions. So whatever your fancy, come experience a kinky night like no other with BiZarre Events

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM London, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



Torture Garden - The world's largest fetish club & sex parties

The grandaddy of all fetish parties, Torture Garden is a veritable institution in the BDSM party scene. Established in 1990, it is now Europe’s largest fetish club, offering regular parties in London at various venues featuring musical acts, performance art, fashion shows, and of course delightfully kinky play rooms desired by all swingers.




The Torture Garden pushes the fetish club boundaries and dares you to explore your deepest darkest fantasies. Dress to impress and prepare to be whipped into a frenzy of wild ecstasy at one of their debauched sex parties. This is a swingers club with a difference!

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM London, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



Jaydees - The ultimate sex party experience in the fetish scene

If you’re looking for a fetish party in a friendly and welcoming environment, then Jaydees is the place to go. Located in the Cambridge area, Jaydees offers an adult club like no other. Private playrooms, large dance floor, dungeon furniture, cinema, hot tub and sauna are just a few of the amenities at your disposal to help kickstart the sex party shenanigans. Dare to be kinky in this inviting and luxurious swingers club.

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM Cambrideshire, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



The Hellfire Club - Devilishly fetish sex parties at the hottest swingers club

Let loose and unleash your sinful side at The Hellfire Club, where naughty boys and girls are rewarded for their pervy predilections! Combining swinging and fetish, this sex club located in Greater London hosts monthly BDSM party nights where kinksters can meet, mingle and get down to sexy business. Leave your halo at home if you’re coming to play at this swinging den of delights.  

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM Surrey, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



OurPlace4Fun - The place to go for a kinky sex party

OurPlace4Fun is a private member’s sex club with a difference. Centrally located in the capital, this swingers club in London provides the perfect opportunity for libertines to let loose and explore their most erotic fantasies.  




Monthly fetish party events (aptly named Paddlez n Chainz) bring the BDSM, poly and swinger crowds together to form a sexy blended community where anything goes. So slip on your loveliest latex, pack your naughty toy bag and get ready to enjoy a fetish sex party that you’ll never forget!

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM London, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



The Annex - An alternative swingers club for alternative sex parties 

Looking to get naughty in Norfolk? Well then The Annex is the spot for you! This erotic sex club specialises in fetish parties for dommes, submissive and everyone in between. The three playrooms and fully equipped modern BDSM party space provide the perfect setting to mix your kinks with sexy scenarios. Tease, tempt and torment to your heart’s content in this swingers club that caters to your fetish needs.

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM Norfolk, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



The Playgrounds - The naughtiest themed sex parties around

Established by swingers for swingers, The Playgrounds host alternative adult parties and events with a naughty twist. The Playgrounds provide a platform where guests can act out their fetish party fantasies in a safe and secure environment at sex clubs around the UK. Many venues have dungeons and themed adult parties so you can get creative and dress to impress. Play away with kinky swingers like you at The Playgrounds delightfully wicked BDSM parties.  

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM UK wide - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



The GateHouse - Your gateway to a sex party like no other

For naughty Northerners looking for fetish party fun, The GateHouse opens up endless possibilities of swinging good times. Located in Bolton, this multi-roomed sex club hosts a monthly BDSM party event – appropriately named “Ouch” – for people who enjoy bondage, dominance, submission, and a little bit (or a lot!) of pleasurable pain.



Spanking benches, paddles, floggers, St Andrew’s cross, suspension bed and mummification bag are just a few of the toys in the kitted out dungeon room that will have you writhing in exquisite ecstasy. Bring your partner or find new ones as you happily mingle, play and explore all your fetish party fantasies. If you love to live on the edge make sure to stop by at this swingers party!

Place-icon-07-F (3).png BDSM Bolton, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More



ClubF - Friendly & frisky sex parties at this top-rated fetish swingers club

ClubF has quite the reputation in the swingers party scene and for good reason. Voted the friendliest club in the UK, this fetish sex club in County Durham offers a welcoming space to play and stay.  With a sauna, steam room, hot tub, dungeon and multiple playrooms at your fingertips, the swinger in you won’t ever want to leave!



And you won’t have to since they also have several luxurious hotel rooms you can rent to continue the sex party fun. A classy established for classy kinksters, this is the place to go for discerning fetish fans who like their BDSM parties with a touch of sophistication.  

Place-icon-07-F (3).pngBDSM County Durham, UK - Kinksters, Sex Parties & More





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