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Using suspension cuffs in BDSM - here's what you need to know

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Suspension bondage often needs a slightly different kit to other bondage types, not least because of the extra safety concerns. Suspension cuffs need to be sturdier and more load-bearing than other bondage cuffs often are, not to mention they need reinforced d-rings! They may also be padded or covered at the edges, and they're usually wider than other cuffs - all to make sure that the wearer is in a safe, sustainable position that they can keep up without damaging themselves. It's vital not to perform suspension bondage with cuffs that aren't designed for it, so make sure you make the extra investment if you'd like to play around with being strung up!

What are suspension cuffs?

You can’t use usual handcuffs to suspend someone with as they are not designed to hang weight from. Suspension cuffs are specifically designed to spread load and tension so that someone can be suspended off the ground without permanent damage to their wrists or ankles.

Why do you need different cuffs for suspension?

When you are suspending a person, there needs to be extra protection for the wrists so you can’t just use regular cuffs. Suspension cuffs are weight tested and designed to spread the load to minimise the risk of injury.

How do you use suspension cuffs safely?

Full body suspension is a highly risky activity, so you must be aware of all the risks before attempting it. You should never suspend a person from their wrists (or ankles) for an extended period. Make sure the person can stand on tiptoe/place their hands on the floor to give the suspended limbs a rest.

How to look after your suspension cuffs

Store your suspension cuffs carefully, so they don’t get folded or tatty. Make sure you keep them clean. If the suspension cuffs are made of leather, don’t use abrasive cleaning products on them. If they’re made of steel, be sure they don’t rust. If in doubt, don’t use the cuffs for suspension. Buy new ones before attempting a suspension.

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