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Few things are more psychologically restrictive than a head harness. They can be used to tie someone down, to pull them around, to gag them, to blindfold them, to restrict their sense of hearing, or simply as part of an outfit - there are dozens of different types, and they tend to be adjustable to make them suitable for use with people of all sizes. They have many similarities to bondage hoods, but while a hood tends to cover the entire face, head harnesses are more commonly comprised of a series of leather straps held together by metal hardware and fastened with buckles.

What is a head harness? 

A head harness is series of straps that encase the head, giving a sense of restriction without completely covering the whole face. Often used in pony play as part of a horse-like bridle.

How to use a head harness safely

Any item of equipment used around the face must be placed carefully. Be careful not to over tighten straps and if the wearer is in any discomfort at all remove the harness straight away. Make sure the straps don’t slip and constrict the neck or lie over the nostrils or mouth to prevent accidental choking.

Why use a head harness?

This kind of harness is really good for someone who wants to restrict vision or hearing without having a hood or a mask that covers their whole faces. As ear muffs and blindfolds can easily be used in conjunction with a head harness. Also, gags can be used if the wearer so desires. It’s also very good for pony play, being able to incorporate a bit and even a plume or horsehair mane.

What can you use with a head harness?

So many other pieces of bondage equipment can be used with a head harness. You could carry on the restriction by wearing a body harness too. You could work with sensory deprivation removing sight with a blindfold, speech with a gag and hearing with some form of ear muffs. This kind of harness is very adaptable and can be used easily without getting in the way of other play equipment.

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