Posture Collar

Here's what you need to know about posture collars

Ready for a posture collar?

Pretty much any collar serves as a fantastic addition to the look and feel of your BDSM. Posture collars, in particular, are designed to have an extra function. They're not just a way to mark someone as yours, hook on a leash or haul them about a bit! They're pretty rigid and generally very wide, forcing the wearer to stand up straight and hold their head and body in a specific manner. This can add to the psychological aspect of a scene, making someone feel more constrained with minimal effort. They also form part of a training fetish for some people, allowing the wearer to feel as though they're being taught to stand and move the way their dominant partner wishes.

What is a posture collar?

This kind of collar can be made from many different materials but are often made of leather, rubber or metal. They are essentially a corset made to be worn around the neck. They keep the person’s neck straight and their head facing forward. You can’t look down in a posture collar.

When would you use a posture collar?

Used in all kinds of BDSM scenarios, this kind of collar is especially good for bondage. Often they have a D or O ring at the front to be used with a lead or to be connected to other restraints like wrist and ankle cuffs.

How to use a posture collar safely

There is little movement that can be made in a posture collar. When you fit it, be sure not to over tighten it. You can check by pressing two fingers up under the bottom edge. If you can’t fit your fingers, loosen the collar until you can.

Why choose a posture collar?

Unlike other slave collars, a posture collar is not suitable to be worn for long periods of time. It is most definitely designed as a piece to be worn during specific scenes. It is excellent for exerting control over a Sub/bottom.

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Many BDSM relationships have a power exchange dynamic and one very classic way to show this is through the use of a collar and leash. It can be used as part of pet play with human puppies and kittens but the use of collars and leashes isn’t exclusive to this kind of play. Many submissives enjoy being lead round on a leash when they are at BDSM clubs, dungeons or even while enjoying a scene at home. It symbolises the control the dominant has over the submissive, by letting them physically dictate how their submissive moves and keeping them close to their Dom at all times.
There are so many kinds of gags, ball, Jennings, soft, hard…there’s a gag for everyone. Designed to keep the bottom, submissive or slave relatively quiet, gags are a popular item for BDSM play. A gag stops the person wearing them from being able to communicate freely, this adds to the feeling of helplessness for the submissive partner and is another way for a Dominant to show their control. It’s very important to make sure the person wearing a gag is able to breathe and is comfortable in the gag, you want to stop their words, not their breath! With careful use, you can enjoy the sexy sound of silence, well, smothered screams and cries if not complete silence!
Collaring is a common practice in the BDSM community. People in all kinds of Dom/sub relationships often like to have something physical to symbolise the bond between them, be that a Daddy and his little girl or a Dominatrix and her slaveboy -and the giving and wearing of collars is frequently used in this way. For many people, a collar is a clear sign of a deep commitment and has a sincere emotional meaning for them. Of course, the objects used in this way aren't always literally collars--some kinky couples like to symbolise their ownership using bracelets, anklets, rings, chains or any other adornment that has a particular meaning for them.