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Medical play is a pretty common kink, and not just because many people find doctors and nurses sexy! The clean, controlling lines of medical equipment make it a fantastic addition to many scenes, not least because of the psychological aspect. A Jennings gag - the metal implements used by dentists to hold the mouth open - can be used in medical play scenes, and provide a firm sensation and a deep mind-fuck that many people find extremely compelling. It's even more important to do your safety research with medical play than it is with all kink, though, as these implements can be dangerous if used improperly, so make sure you read up before you begin.

What is a jennings gag?

Made of metal and sometimes rubber coated, this gag is made up of two arms that can be ratcheted to keep the wearer’s mouth open. Originally used by dentists to hold the mouth open and still have access inside to work.

How do you use a jennings gag safely?

Although a person can still make noise wearing this type of gag, they will sound incoherent so it might not be easy to understand. It is recommended to agree a safeword alternative such as dropping an item from the hand or a series of nods of the head in advance of play.

Make sure you get a Jennings gag with a quick release mechanism so it can be closed quickly in an emergency. It is also advisable to keep a pair of emergency shears to hand to snip the strap at the back open if the wearer is in distress. As the mouth is held open, it’s difficult, if not impossible to swallow so it’s advised to keep an eye on the wearer at all times to avoid choking. It’s also advisable not to wear it for very long sessions.

Is a jennings gag just for medical play?

Although they have the look of medical play equipment, the jennings gag can be used for all kinds of BDSM play. They are very adjustable, so great for building up over time, and it leaves the mouth open for all kinds of sexy fun.

Why pick a jennings gag?

If you are into medical play, the jennings gag is perfect as it is an actual used piece of medical equipment. It’s also a strong, hard-wearing gag which leaves the wearer’s mouth open and accessible.

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