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Handcuffs have become a part of the collective conscience when it comes to kink. Whether they're the pink fluffy kind that snaps open and closed or the police-issue variety complete with a rigid middle section, they're as much a symbol as they are a sex toy. That doesn't mean they aren't a great addition to your kinky arsenal, however; there's something beautiful about hearing them snap on and knowing you couldn't wriggle out of them however hard you tried.

As with all things, there are a couple of safety concerns. It's important to keep the key close by, and it's also vital that you don't use cheap 'novelty' handcuffs for bondage purposes; these can slip further closed around the wrist and cut off the blood supply, potentially causing damage.

What is a handcuff fetish?

A sexual arousal at the sight or thought of handcuffs, often connected to being submissive and enjoying someone else being in control.

How do you use handcuffs safely?

Most importantly make sure you keep any key safe and to hand in case the person locked up needs to be released. Check they aren’t too tight and if the person wearing them feels numbness or tingling remove them immediately.

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