Spanking Paddles

An impact play toy at its most versatile

Spanking paddles can't be beaten!

If you're after an impact play toy that has plenty of variables and can cover all imaginable bases, you can't go wrong with a good old-fashioned spanking paddle. They come in leather, wood or acrylic; padded in suede for a softer touch or spiked with metal to add an extra bite; drilled through with holes to help them pack a punch or double-layered for a truly impressive sound upon impact. They're small, easy to take out with you, highly personalisable, easy to learn how to use and often inexpensive. As a piece of starter kit, paddles can hardly be beaten - but they keep their appeal long after someone isn't a beginner anymore.

What is a spanking paddle?

Spanking paddles come in all shapes and sizes but they all have a handle to hold and a flat surface designed for spanking, mainly buttocks but also can be used to spank other fleshy areas of the body.

How do you use a spanking paddle?

There are different types of paddles that give all different kinds of spank. The heavier the paddle, the more caution needs to be used when hitting. Lighter paddles can be used with more force. All paddles are used by holding the handle to swing the paddle back and forth to impact on a sub’s flesh.

Spanking paddle safety tips

Paddles should only be used on fleshy parts of the body such as buttocks, thighs and with caution, breasts. Regularly check wooden paddles, to be sure there are no splinters or chips before play. Be sure you have plenty of room to swing your paddle before using, so not to accidentally hit someone else or hurt yourself by hitting a wall etc.

What to look for in a spanking paddle

Wooden spanking paddles need to be varnished, especially if they’re to be used on multiple partners. Wood absorbs liquids if not varnished. When picking the perfect paddle, be sure the handle is comfortable in your hand, that it doesn’t rub, and it isn’t too short. You need to have a good grip to give a good spank! Check the intensity of the spank; some paddles can be thumpy others can be stingy. Find a spanking paddle that delivers the kind of pain you want.

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