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Spanking is probably the most famous kinky activity of all, and millions of people the world over have indulged on occasion. It's generally done with a bare hand; while plenty of people also enjoy getting spanked with a paddle or other tools, this is more often referred to as 'impact play'. Spanking is sometimes used to describe striking someone with a convenient object, such as a belt or a bedroom slipper. Most commonly spanking is aimed at the buttocks, and while other fleshy areas of the body (such as the thighs, breasts or in some cases genitals) can be a lot of fun to spank it's best to stick to fleshy areas. As with all things, do a little research to make sure you're being safe and have a clear negotiation with your partner beforehand to establish what they like, what they want and which safeword they'll use.

What is spanking?

Spanking is using an open hand or sometimes another implement to hit a person for sexual pleasure, usually focused on the buttocks but other places can be spanked too.

My girlfriend wants me to spank her, should I feel guilty?

Not at all! Spanking is something many people enjoy as part of their sex lives. If you’re uncomfortable with it, talk to her about it. She might be able to put your fears to rest. Never do something you don’t want to do just because another person asks you to. It’s your decision.

How do I give a spanking safely?

If you’re hitting someone for the first time, do a little research first. Look online for information about safe places to hit (buttocks and thighs are good to start with) how to warm someone up for a spanking and the importance of aftercare. After you’ve investigated thoroughly speak to your partner about what they want to get from the experience. Find out if they have any medical conditions you need to be aware of and if they have any specific aftercare needs. It’s good to be prepared!

How do I tell my partner I want a spanking?

It’s probably best to introduce the idea when you’re not having sex, that way you can make decisions clear headed. Be truthful, explain that you want to be spanked and answer any questions that come up. You could maybe read some spanking erotic fiction together to get in the mood or watch some movies with spanking in them. Make sure you’re both totally comfortable with the idea before giving it a go!

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