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Often an orgasm is seen as the treat you get after enduring torture. But sometimes the orgasm is just where the torture starts. Post orgasm torture is all about over-sensitised body parts and pushing them to feel more than a person might be comfortable with. It’s a way of making pleasure hurt. It’s a fantastic way to make your sub regret their desire to come. Use their desires against them and exert your Dominance with a side order of sadism. Who could be upset by getting more than they originally asked for? Try a little post orgasm torture and find out!

What is post orgasm torture?

Post orgasm torture is when a person continues to provide stimulation to another once orgasm has been achieved and usually focuses on the genitals and aims to make the feelings of arousal painful with overstimulation.

Do you need a penis to enjoy post orgasm torture?

No, anyone can enjoy post orgasm torture. However, people with vulvas might take longer to get to the point of overstimulation as it’s easier to achieve multiple orgasms with a clitoris. Yet, every person has their limit where fun stimulation becomes painful over stimulation. However, that can be pleasurable too, if you enjoy a little masochism.

How do you perform post orgasm torture?

It varies from person to person. However, it's advised to restrain the sub or bottom first because post orgasm torture is incredibly intense and will lead to lots of tossing, turning and trying to escape. Then be sure to use lots of lube as you continue to stroke and rub and manipulate your lover's genitals. Post orgasm torture can include elements of pain or pleasure to other parts of the body, too, as the overstimulation will affect the person's whole body.

How safe is post orgasm torture?

It is a low-risk activity, but as with any BDSM activity, you need to be aware of safety issues. Make sure any restraints are comfortable and attached so the person in them won’t hurt themselves (sprains, pulled muscles etc.) if they’re thrashing about. Make sure to use lots of lube, keep the stimulated areas lubricated to avoid chaffing, and have a safe word or action in place so that if it gets too much, the session can be brought to a swift close.

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