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Getting kinky with candles

Many kinky people and BDSM fans love a bit of wax play, a method of sensation play that involves dripping hot wax onto someone's body from a lit candle. There are many types of candles to use for this kind of play, and there are many things to be turned off by a part from that erotic burning sensation. It's easy enough to get going with: all you need is a candle, a partner and a bit of time!

Wax play safety considerations

There are some things to bear in mind when it comes to the safety of wax play. Firstly, make sure you're using the right kind of candles; the best is cheap, plain white, unscented paraffin wax, as that has the right kind of melting point.

You can also control the heat by paying attention to how you hold the candle and from what sort of height the wax is dripping. Experiment with different positions and different bodily locations to figure out what you enjoy the most and remember, never leave a lit candle unattended.

What are the different types of wax play candles?

Colours, scents and other additives all make wax play more intense, which can also mean it's riskier. Beeswax has a higher melting point than paraffin, making it much hotter and a little too much for most subs to handle. Gel candles get very hot indeed and quickly reset to jelly plastic on your skin, and are absolutely never ever safe to use in this way. Another option is to use soy candles, that have a slightly lower melting point than paraffin and a lower risk of seriously burning the skin.

Where to find candles for wax play

Most sex shops will sell candles especially made for wax play a lower melting point for less risk of burning, for example soy wax. The idea is to get a nice redness with a little puff in the skin from the hot wax, but not seriously injure anyone.

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