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A staple in so many BDSM porn scene, face slapping is a visceral expression of power and control. It’s also considered edge play because there are many risks involved in hitting the face. So you need to make sure you know what you’re doing before face slapping someone or letting someone slap you.

It’s an activity that can be used as punishment or as part of sexual activity, especially oral sex. It can be used to emphasise the power exchange between Dominant and submissive. As there is a strong psychological effect with face slapping after care is incredibly important when it’s employed.

What is face slapping?

A slap to the fleshy part of the cheek on the face often used by a dominant to show control over a submissive.

How do I face slap safely?

First of all, make sure your partner wants to try face slapping and explain all the risks and safety concerns to them. Communicating like this is essential for all Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) activities. Make sure you remove any jewellery before slapping someone, also be aware of any facial piercings or earrings, you don’t want to hit those.

The face is incredibly sensitive, you have eyes, ears and brain in close proximity that you have to be constantly aware of. Hit the cheek on the flesh part under the cheekbone and above the jawbone away from the ear.

Why is face slapping so hot?

Face slapping is an expression of the control one person has over another. It has a very potent psychological effect, pulling in aspects of humiliation as well as control. It is a very violent act but also intimate because it’s near your face. It’s something that would be a horrific violation if done by a stranger but when you give that power to another, it is highly erotic for both Dom/me and sub.

My sub wants me to slap them, I’m unsure, should I do it?

No. Dominants are allowed limits too. If you’re not sure you’re comfortable slapping her in the face, don’t do it. Explain why and if it’s a soft limit to be pushed or not. You should never do anything you’re not comfortable with just to satisfy someone else but this is even more important when you’re talking about such a risky activity.

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