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A little bit of scratching is extremely common during sex, be it as a way to heighten sexual tension or an unconscious reaction to extreme pleasure. A lot of people find it extremely erotic, and some have a remarkably strong reaction to the right kind of scratching in just the right spot! As with all things - especially sensation play and anything involving potential pain - it's important to check in with your partner rather than risk doing something they dislike.

For some people, scratching forms a part of BDSM and kink. There are a few relatively common toys designed to assist or enhance the feeling, like the pinwheel or the vampire glove. If you think you might be interested, however, it's a good idea to start with fingernails and work up. You might be surprised by how intense the sensation can be without any external assistance at all.

How do I scratch safely?

Make sure what you’re using to scratch with are clean, be it your nails, wartenberg wheel or other spiked implement. Most areas are safe to scratch, avoid obviously delicate areas such as the eyes and you might want to not play on skin that can’t be covered with clothing as the scratches could be difficult to explain away.

Check in with the sub that they are okay with what you’re doing, scratching can be pretty intense. Afterwards tend to any scratches left on their body. You may need to apply antiseptic cream and/or plasters to wounds that are deep or keep bleeding.

Scratching with fingernails in nice, what else can be used?

There are many levels of scratchy implements. From a stiff brush or a scouring pad up to wartenberg wheels and knives. There are spikey paddles and gloves and you can get rings that have spikes on them made for sensation play. Always try them on yourself first and remember, that scratching and cutting are very close, so be careful not to cut too deeply.

I’m a sub but I enjoy scratching, is that okay?

Of course! We’re all different and some people have a primal edge, enjoying scratching and maybe biting back. As long as who you are playing with consents, then scratch away.

How do you combine spanking and scratching?

Scratching is fun over already reddened flesh. So after a spanking, scraping nails over the impact area can be very effective. You can use wartenberg wheels and other spikey implements on pre-reddened skin too. It is best to do the spanking first, then the scratching. Because once the skin is broken, blood escapes and hitting that will spread it around. You don’t want it to get absorbed into porous implements either.

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    Fans of sensation play with a bit of a bite will want to look into vampire gloves. Usually made of leather, these gloves take their name from the dozens of pinpricks to be found in the palm - perfect for stroking, scratching and spanking a willing submissive who enjoys a little surprise. Be careful, though! While these gloves can be used to enhance all manner of interesting sensations, they are often genuinely sharp - so it's important to try out what you plan to do on yourself first, to make sure you know just how hard it's safe to go with them.
    Biting frequently forms a part of kink play and BDSM games. For some people, it's an easy way to cause controlled pain to someone who is not necessarily physically weaker than they are; for others it's a possessive and almost primal act. Whatever appeals to you about the act of biting (or the idea of being bitten), it's important not to break the skin; if blood play is your thing there are safe ways to do it, but biting someone hard enough that they bleed is always unhygienic and never a good plan.
    Blood play is actually pretty standard on the fetish scene. For some people it's mostly about the sensation; they enjoy the sweet pain in the way that others might enjoy being spanked or flogged. For others, it's more about the marks it leaves behind - scarification can be a sign of ownership or take the place of a tattoo when done with the right finesse. Since you'll be piercing the skin, however, cutting play comes with some extra risks - so be meticulous about using clean, sterilised blades, cleaning up after yourself, doing your research in advance and being as careful as possible during a session.