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The term forniphilia was first created by Jeff Gord, an artist who loved to create new ways to restrain women. His extreme restraint style is known as ultra bondage. As part of this he would shape women into actual human furniture. They’d be tightly bound and often have gags.

Forniphilia has changed somewhat and now anyone can try it out, whatever their sex and ability. There are many ways to become human furniture, from simply kneeling down and letting someone rest their feet on you to more restrictive ways to become human chairs, hat stands and tables. This form of objectification is popular with kinksters as it can be practised with no specialist kit at all.

Is forniphilia all about bondage?

It can be, if you want to bind people into restrictive shapes and use them as a chair or a table or hat stand but you don’t have to use bondage at all if you don’t want to. Just kneeling for someone to use you as a footstool counts too.

Is being human furniture dangerous?

It has its risks. If a sub is tightly bound and/or has a gag in place then it’s the responsibility of the Dom/top to keep checking on them to make sure they’re okay.

Make sure you have a safeword in place and if a gag is used some safeword equivalent such as 3 short grunts so the sub can communicate if there are any problems.

Can anyone be a piece of human furniture?

Sure, Jeff Gord originally coined the term for women in bondage as human furniture but that is no longer the only option. Anyone can give it a go! If you’re just starting out, begin with non-bondage positions for short periods of time. If you find you really love it, you can move on to more complex furniture that includes bondage too. Cover image: Members of the Christopher Street Day demonstration - ColognePride 2006. By CSD2006 from Wikimedia Commons

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