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A cornerstone of BDSM play is control. Losing it, giving it, taking it, using it. Control is often used as a device to give out punishment (or funishment if you enjoy it). Control (and the loss of it) is great fun for all involved. Some people like to combine this with watersports, taking the denial to the bathroom. Actually, keeping the person away from the toilet is more to the point. A challenge, dedication or even just part and parcel of a D/s relationship, bathroom denial can be about the 'holding on' when you're desperate to go or combined with other watersport and scat activities, depending on the kinks you enjoy.

What is bathroom denial?

We've all been there, desperate for the toilet but unable to go for whatever reason and the relief when you finally go is a fantastic release. Bathroom denial plays on this. A Dominant says when the submissive is allowed to use the bathroom. They can be merciful with it, but maybe they won't say yes quite so easily. It's an exercise not only in control but humiliation too.

Do you have to be into watersports to enjoy bathroom denial?

Not necessarily, no. You don't have to be into golden showers or wetting yourself to enjoy the control and humiliation aspects of bathroom denial. It would help if you were clear when talking to your play partner about where your boundaries lie.

Is bathroom denial safe?

Holding on to waste products for prolonged amounts of time could end up with you getting an infection, so you need to be aware of this risk before indulging. However, holding on before going to the bathroom is not dangerous as long as you don't hold it for too long.

Does a D/s dynamic have to include bathroom denial?

The common view in slave dynamics consists of the Dominant being in control of every aspect of that slave's life, which often involves using the bathroom. However, as with any dynamic, the boundaries are agreed by the people within it. So your slave dynamic can be however you want. If bathroom denial isn't something you want, then you don't have to have it. Remember, you always have your limits and boundaries and no one can make you step over those if you don't want to!

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