Sensory Deprivation

For a heightened sensory experience

Get ready for a sensory overload

Imagine, for a moment, that you're in complete darkness. The hood you're wearing keeps you from being able to hear or see anything, you're gagged firmly, and you're sufficiently confined that you're unable to move much at all. You know your partner has something planned for you - but you don't know what, and you have no way of getting any clues. You won't know what's about to happen until it does, and the possibilities are endless. For many people, this is an intoxicating fantasy - and it's that opening up of possibilities and uncertainty that makes sensory deprivation such an appealing prospect for its devotees.

What is sensory deprivation?

We are very dependent on using all 5 senses, by depriving someone of one or more senses you enhance those they have left. This can be used sensually but also sadistically so is often used in BDSM play.

What can you use during sensory deprivation?

Typically blindfolds are used, as we so often use our sense of sight that losing it has a profound effect. Another regularly used item is headphones or ear protectors that block out noise. You can play loud music or keep it silent, but then he sub can’t hear what you’re doing at all. Hoods can be used, to block sight and hearing at the same time, sometimes blocking smell too.

How is sensory deprivation used in BDSM?

It can be used in many ways but is often combined with sensation play. Not having one sense, such as sight, enhances all the others. It’s a way for a dominant to express their control, letting the sub experience only what the Dom wants them to feel.

How do you use sensory deprivation safely?

It’s important to make sure the submissive can’t fall off/over anything if you are blocking their vision. Make sure they are safe and comfortable. If you’re putting anything over a person’s face (such as a hood) make sure they can still breathe easily. Always make sure the submissive has a way to communicate with you that they are in distress, so make sure to have a safe word or a safe word alternative in place.

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