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Everything you need to know about edging

Orgasms are great, right? Sometimes though you just want to revel in the anticipation. When you purposefully keep yourself, or someone else from orgasming it’s called edging. A form of orgasm control, the practice keeps you on the very edge of coming. Sexual edging can be indulged in on your own or with a partner. It can be a way to enjoy stronger orgasms or can be a way to show power or control over a submissive partner in a D/s relationship or scene. If you really have fun enjoying the journey and not the destination, edging is definitely your fetish.

What is edging?

Sexual edging is the practise of stopping stimulation just before orgasm over and over again. It is something you can do on your own or it can be something you can do with one or more partner. It’s often used as a way for a Dominant to control the orgasms of their submissive.

Can edging improve your sex life?

It can be, orgasms after sexual edging are often stronger. There can be a really strong bond between a person and the person who is controlling their orgasm. It is definitely a way to connect deeply with someone.

What happens if I masturbate without coming?

Don’t worry, you won’t explode. Well, not unless you decide to, anyway. If you masturbate without coming, you keep yourself in a state of arousal and when you do come you may find that it is all the better for having to wait for it.

Is edging the same as orgasm denial?

It is but there is more than sexual edging to orgasm denial. It can be used in a one-off scene, whereas orgasm denial is about someone being in complete control of your orgasms, usually, of course you can play any way you want to. Edging is a specific action that brings you to the brink of orgasm without coming where orgasm denial can simply be instructions that stop a person coming.

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    Masturbation is often seen as a solo activity, but it can be enjoyed with a partner and when it is, it’s known as mutual masturbation. It can involve two people masturbating individually but watching each other, this is fantastic for an exhibitionist or voyeuristic thrill. Mutual masturbation can also involve people masturbating each other and letting their fingers do the talking…well, wanking really. Mutual masturbation is at least double the fun and can be a wonderful way to play, finding out what turns your partner on by watching how they please themselves and showing off what gets you off too!
    There are two kinds of people: those who masturbate sometimes, and those who are lying about it. While this might not be strictly true (there's an exception to every rule, after all) it's a pretty sound assumption in most cases. Pretty much everyone masturbates now and then, and so they should: it's a natural, healthy way to enjoy your own body and to figure out what you're interested in as a sexual person.
    If you enjoy being controlled in other ways, there's a good chance that you'll enjoy climax control as well; having your partner take control of your orgasms. It's a deep, primal loss of self-determination that massively enhances any kinky dynamic, and it's something that comes up in the overwhelming majority of BDSM agreements. Orgasm control takes many forms: some people use chastity devices to enforce it, while others rely on willpower alone. For many devotees it centres around the submissive partner not being allowed to climax without first asking for and being given permission by the dominant partner - and knowing that they risk punishment should they transgress.