Willing to serve?

Subservience comes in many forms

A feeling of subservience is an important aspect of BDSM for many. It's often an integral part of the Dom/sub dynamic, and can be vital to those on both sides of the proverbial whip if they want to deepen their relationship and enhance the feeling of dominance and submission between them. In practice, subservience comes in many form: s-types might want to wait on their dominant partners, bringing them food and drink or carrying out tasks at their behest, but it can also be a far more psychological thing that comes from the way the two parties relate to each other. Subservience can be as subtle or as overt as its participants desire, and in many cases is barely perceptible from the outside!

What is subservience?

Subservience is the willingness to serve others without question and/or a belief someone else and their needs is more important than you.

Are all submissives subservient?

To some degree or another, most if not all submissives will be subservient at some point. However, bottoms, brats and primal prey might never be, as they are not there to serve without question. It is most definitely a trait of slaves, who are dedicated to their Masters or Mistresses all day every day.

How do I show subservience?

Everyone does it differently, but obeying orders from your Dominant immediately, putting their needs first, keeping their needs always in mind are the key to this. It will look different in ever dynamic. Think of ways you could make your Dominant feel special. Showing how important they are to you is at the centre of subservience.

Are submission and subservience the same?

They are definitely linked but where submission is the act of yielding to the dominance of another, subservience is the willingness to do this without questions.

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