Dirtying it up kink style

Defilement is messy, dirty and so damn hot!

Defilement is a word associated with evil, wicked things. However, kinksters, especially fans of BDSM, are known for their attraction to the darker things in life. And getting down and dirty can definitely be fun. Often associated with the societal myth of virginity, defiling a person has overtones of taking them from being pure and unsullied to something used and (consensually) abused, making them soiled. Sometimes physically, sometimes mentally, if humiliation is involved. The fun is in tearing the person down to their basest, messiest self, freeing them from the expectations of their lives and society so they can be as dirty as they want to be. Defilement sounds pretty fun, huh?

What is defilement?

Defilement is taking something pure, clean and tidy and messing it up - this can be someone’s clothes or make up for example. It can be getting you and your partner/s bodies dirty. Defilement is a term that can cover other fetishes such as mysophilia.

How do I add my defilement fetish into a scene?

Firstly be sure to talk about it in your pre-scene negotiations. Maybe you can incorporate ripping or cutting off clothes into your play. If watersports and piss play appeal to you, you can use that for defilement and humiliation and use it as part of a BDSM scene. You could write all over someone in lipstick or marker pen. There are lots of things you can add to other BDSM and fetish scenes.

Is aftercare needed for a defilement scene?

It’s always best to ask your partner/s about this as everyone’s aftercare needs changes. As a general rule, though, defilement involves some elements of mind fuckery, and the person may need more reassurance and validation afterwards. In practical terms, getting the person clean and tidy again is very much part of the scene - bringing them back up from their defilement position.

Is it weird that I like defilement?

It’s not that weird at all. Defilement is a popular aspect of many people’s kink life. Watersports, role play, sploshing, and humiliation are examples of popular fetishes that have a defilement element. However, if you are feeling worried about your fetish, it’s best to talk to a medical professional.

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    It's good to get messy. Especially wet and messy. Do you love jumping in puddles and playing with your food? Then sploshing is just the fetish for you. A fetish for the sensation of different substances on the skin, sploshing is also known as Wet and Messy Play. It can involve foods, gunge, mud, anything that is slick on the skin. It can be a way to rebel, to reject being a responsible adult for a while, and it can simply be a way to enjoy unusual sensations on your skin. You need to be ready for the cleanup, it's not called wet and messy for no reason!
    The term 'watersports' covers all sexual pursuits involving urine, and it's pretty common amongst kinksters. If you're new to this fetish and you'd like to try it out, the best way for beginners is to hop in the bath or shower with your partner before you play: it keeps things contained and makes it much easier to clean up afterwards! In contrast to scat, watersports don't usually come with heavy hygiene warnings; piss is a lot cleaner than people give it credit for. Make sure your golden shower is a fresh one, though, when pee starts to go stale it can also start causing you harm.
    Humiliation play is a cornerstone of BDSM for many kinksters. Some enjoy physical humiliation and being forced to carry out humiliating acts: serving as a toilet, an ashtray or a piece of furniture for a dominant partner comes into this category. Others like to take on humiliating roles, such as that of an animal or a slave. The most common expression of sexual humiliation in kink, however, is verbal. Name calling and insults are massively common parts of many BDSM encounters, and with consent and pre-discussion can add a fantastic frisson to events! Just make sure you negotiate well in advance - people's limits in this area can be super specific.