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For all chain lovers

Real chains don't usually have all that much of a place in BDSM, being as they are heavy and cumbersome and expensive, but that doesn't mean nobody uses them - and there's certainly an aesthetic effect to them that is hard to beat. if you'd like to try them out, have a look around your local DIY shop - they often sell chains of various weights by the metre there, and while you're in-store you can pick up a few padlocks to complete the set with!

 Why should you use chains for bondage?

Ask anyone about bondage and they’re bound to mention chains. They are heavy, cold and un-giving. They make it incredibly hard to move freely because of the weight and once secured they stay in position unlike rope which has a little give.

Psychologically being chained is strongly linked to slavery and servitude, so you manipulate your sub/bottom’s frame of mind as well as their body when chain is used.

How do you play safely with chains?

Unlike rope, you can’t cut through metal links so you need to make sure the connectors used are easy to release in case of emergency. Chains have no give in them, so don’t put them on too tight as they won’t loosen. Always have a safeword in place and release the bottom if they get intense pain, ins and needles or numbness in an area that is bound.

Do I need to buy specialist bondage chain?

No, not at all. You can buy chain from your local DIY store. Just think about the size of link for what you want to use it for and how heavy it’s going to be!

Can I use a chain just for restraint?

Chains can also be used for temperature play, as you can make them very cold by putting them in a freezer or warm by putting them in hot water (be careful not to scold anyone though) and also can be used for costumes and dressing up.

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    Bondage is one of the most famous and best known aspects of S&M and BDSM play, and not without reason. Being tied up is a glorious sensation for the right person, and the control inherent in being the person doing the tying can give a dominant partner a heady rush. Ball gags are also commonly used. Sometimes bondage is there primarily to enhance a roleplay scenario; sometimes it's almost an art form, especially when it comes to rope bondage. Other times it's just to make clear the dynamic and have some fun with each other. Whatever your reasons for indulging, make sure you're doing so safely. Learn some knots that don't tighten under pressure and always keep a pair of shears to hand in case you need to release your partner in a hurry.
    Many people who enjoy restrictive sensations crave the feeling of being immobilised, and there's no better way of doing that than a bondage body bag. They're available from a wide range of BDSM retailers, and they're one of the most complete and restrictive forms of full-body bondage available. The most important safety consideration with them is to ensure that the wearer is continuously supervised - it's not safe to leave someone so helpless alone for even a moment, as any number of things could occur. If you have that covered, though, wearing a bag like this can be a fantastically sensuous and comforting experience.
    In the words of the immortal Rihanna, "sticks and stones may break my bones - but chains and whips excite me". Whipping isn't quite as common a BDSM practice as the uninitiated might imagine (whips are unwieldy implements and difficult to use well; crops, canes, paddles and floggers are all far more usual) but it definitely has its fans. Bullwhips are occasionally to be seen in fetish clubs, and masochists who enjoy sharp sting-type pains are likely to have fun at the end of them. Enjoy the cracking noise when you hear it--it's a sign that you're breaking the sound barrier!