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Pain isn't just painful - it can be sexy, too. Masochists are the most obvious example of this; they're people who find pleasure in receiving pain, often in quite large quantities. You don't need to daydream about welts and bruises to enjoy the sexual benefits of pain, though - light spanking, gentle scratching and other milder forms of sensation play can provide even the most nervous of newbies with an introduction to the feelings and help them figure out what they are and aren't interested in trying. For anyone with a little more of a feeling for it, a wide variety of implements are a fantastic way to explore your boundaries and figure out what gets you going.

What is sweet pain?

Have you ever heard someone say ‘it hurts so good!’ This is sweet pain. It’s hard to explain and is different for everyone who experiences it. It is a kind of pain that, hurts but in a pleasurable way. It can be erotic but can also be a very therapeutic release.

Do you have to be a masochist to enjoy sweet pain?

Not necessarily. It is possible to enjoy a certain level of pain without being a masochist. Masochists crave pain, find all kinds of pain to be pleasurable and find it to be a turn on. You don’t have to be totally into pain to enjoy a little bit now and then.

How do you know what is sweet pain?

It can often be a fine line between pain that just hurts and pain that hurts in the right way. Only you can say what sweet pain is to you. It will be different for everyone. We are all different in our responses to pain, have different pain tolerances and responses. You will know it’s the sweet kind when you don’t want it to stop or you want more of it!

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    It's not uncommon - especially in the kinky world - for someone to process pain as pleasure, and to crave sensations a little rougher and more intensive than are usually considered the norm. These people are often called 'masochists', and while it's important to remember that the word isn't synonymous with 'submissive' (not all masochists enjoy psychological submission, and not all subs are particularly interested in physical pain!) the two often go hand in hand and each category has traits in common with the other. Masochists are the opposite number to sadists, who enjoy inflicting consensual physical pain just as much as their masochistic partners enjoy receiving it.
    A little bit of scratching is extremely common during sex, be it as a way to heighten sexual tension or an unconscious reaction to extreme pleasure. A lot of people find it extremely erotic, and some have a remarkably strong reaction to the right kind of scratching in just the right spot! As with all things - especially sensation play and anything involving potential pain - it's important to check in with your partner rather than risk doing something they dislike. For some people, scratching forms a part of BDSM and kink. There are a few relatively common toys designed to assist or enhance the feeling, like the pinwheel or the vampire glove. If you think you might be interested, however, it's a good idea to start with fingernails and work up. You might be surprised by how intense the sensation can be without any external assistance at all.
    Pain and sensation come in many forms, and not all of them require strength or finesse. Much like biting, it can be surprisingly easy to control and inflict pain on a willing victim simply by pinching them - particularly if you choose your target areas wisely! This is a particularly useful trick for dominants who are physically not as strong as their submissive partners. It's not a type of pain that everyone enjoys, but for those who like it it's a great way to subtly work a little bit of a kinky dynamic into the everyday without drawing too much attention to yourself or needing any special implements and equipment.